2 Things You Must Know Before Using ATM Card to Pay Online

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Important tips to know before using ATM to pay online

Using your ATM card to make online payments is one of the potentially risky activities. It is risky because, inputting your debit card details in fraudulent websites can lead to complete loss of your hard-earned money. Therefore, if you are the type of person who makes payments online often, there is need for you to know that there are important safety tips you should adhere to.

In this piece, we are going to be finding out some of the things you should take very seriously or at least know before making payments online with your ATM card. In as much as there are many verified online payment gateways, new ones are emerging; for which, some can illegally break your bank if not carefully handled.

What Are The Things to Know Before Using ATM Card to Pay Online?

Secure socket layer

1. Never enter your debit card details on a website that is not secure. When I talk about security, you don’t need to be a tech guru to check how secure a website is. Always look out for the Padlock Icon beside the website address. It is professionally referred to as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and it serves as a form of protection against unauthorised access to the information entered or saved on a website.

Any payment gateway you are about entering your ATM card details on, must have this padlock icon beside the website address otherwise never enter your details on such site. The reason is that, third party such as hackers and crackers can access and view your card details on such a website. Your debit card details such as the CVV and the digits are the major requirements needed by scammers to completely wipe your hard-earned cash. So be careful.

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2. Secondly, no matter how secure a website is, don’t save the details of your card on the website. If you are the type of person who makes payments online often, then you must have been prompted to save your details after submitting your card details for a payment or subscription, this might not cause any harm but for safety purposes, don’t do this.

It is unsafe and for the fact that the account you’re using to make payment is your main account worsens the whole situation. Always be cautious while entering your card details on any website be it legitimate ones or not because your money can be easily tampered with if anything ever goes wrong or if the info gets into the wrong hands.

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