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Browse For Free Forever on your Glo Sim Using this Trick (100% Real)

Hello Guys I want to show you guys a little trick this morning, It’s not a trick in reality but It’s a trick in the sense that people don’t know about it. This trick can fetch you 10GB data if you link up with a strong data subscriber, like I said it’s a trick and you know tricks are not really something to publicize. This trick I am gonna disclose today is rocking on the Glo Network and it can be done between two Glo sims. If you want to make use of this trick, you need to have access to a Glo subscriber either as a friend or brother or sister that constantly purchases data bundles for social media and stuff, now basically this trick is gonna enable you link up with him or her(i.e. the active data subscriber) and any data he purchases you get to browse with the data until it gets exhausted, and if he or she resubscribes your enjoyment continues until the person drops the sim or stops subscribing.

Why is it a trick? It’s a trick because you’ll be using the person’s data without the person’s knowledge and Glo network won’t even alert the person of the activity you are doing. Thats why it’s a trick.
It is unlimited! Why? Like I said if you link up with an active all the time data subscriber on Glo, you’ll be indefinitely satisfied and stop buying data because the person’s data is now your data😂😭😭. P.s this is a dangerous trick, but it’s worth it, you can’t be caught.
How to do it?
1. Dial *777# on the persons phone, when the list of options loads.

2. Select Buy Data,

3. Select Share Data Plan (on the victims phone oo)
4. Select the first option share,
5. Input your phone number or the number you want to be one with the active data subscriber (anytime the person purchases data, and start browsing, you’ll also be able to browse )
That’s all be guided that all these will be done on the victims phone. It’s like a bonding😂 anytime the person purchases data you are free to browse(unallocated data) if the person purchases 10GB, you are eligible to browse and download up to 10GB. You can even finish the person’s data before he or she uses it.

Before you start doing this, make sure the person is an active data subscriber and also that the person is not too close to you. Like let’s say a Cyber cafe owner that you talk with, you can just get the person’s phone and do the linking, though an initial message will be sent to the person make sure you delete the message and return the phone. Then start browsing with the person’s data for ever!… This is a bloody trick… The trick of all tricks, get one get all🤣 lol. Don’t do this to someone that is close to you, because of God😭😂😂.

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  1. With all due respect Mr. Unknown, I believe some people will and have gained from this post so I can't just take it down… It's a choice thing if you can do it, you do it … Thank you!

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