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How to Get N200 – N20000 Airtime on the Geopoll Application(Try it out now)

Hello Guys i bring good news to the table. Remember in one of my articles I made mention of Geopoll app and how I made 20k+ from just answering surveys on the application, and I also said it had crashed… But I discovered recently that they’ve not crashed and because of the way I enjoyed them in 2017 I decided to share it here because i believe it will benefit some of us here.

What is Geopoll About?

Geopoll is an airtime rewarding survey Application that rewards customers airtime after answering 10-20 seconds surveys. And they send surveys thrice a day with all having 50Naira reward, sometimes they also send surveys as sms you answer immediately and get free 100-700 Naira airtime depending on the tag.
There are other ways of earning incase you don’t receive surveys you can refer people and earn 18Naira per referral which you can withdraw when it has reached 150Naira, please this is not fake I enjoyed it alot in 2017 just that they’ve wiped the previous record I would have shown you guys screenshot of my withdrawal history. And since it’s has 150Naira minimum when you answer surveys thrice in a day you can earn the minimum and withdraw.

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Note: After registration, they don’t start sending surveys immediately, it might take 1week or two before surveys start trooping in. So be patient and if you like start referring to earn more.

How To Set It Up?

Download the Geopoll Application from HERE

2. After downloading the Geopoll Application, enter your phone number excluding “0” just input 81……

3. While registering you’ll see an option to input referral code make sure you input XZ9RIXZ use the code as referral code, it will also fasten your receiving surveys. XZ9RIXZ in bold letters, if you don’t put the invite code you might not receive surveys even after registering.🤞

4. After registering, you will now be shown a new menu to login

5. Tap Login, after which you will be brought to your main dashboard. Here you just have to click on surveys to check whether you have gotten a survey, and if you want to refer other people simply tap on invite friends, and share your own referral code to also fasten your receipt of bonuses and surveys because Geopoll values Top Referrers. 

Like other offers I post here, Geopoll is something you should try out fast enough to avoid saying it’s fake. 

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  1. They have a website and their customer service is amazing(www.airtimeflip.com)… I use their service very often. Would appreciate it if you could correct it in your post… Thanks☺️

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