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Make Calls on Airtel while the Recipient Pays by Doing this

Now you can easily talk to your loved ones with a new service provided by Airtel Nigeria, it’s called the Pay4me service that lets you cgall your loved ones without airtime while they pay for the call.

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I know this service will favour alot of people that wanna call their loved ones but due to lack of airtime they are unable to, this service provided by Airtel is 100% for you thanks to Gistrealz for letting you know about it.
1. An Airtel sim card without airtime
2. A smartphone or mobile phone anyone you have
If you have the above, then you are already making calls while the recipient pays.
 âœ“How is it done?✓
Tap on your phone dialer and input before the person’s mobile number 8840…. For instance 88400802** that’s it the recipient will pay for the call while you don’t spend a dime.

Note: this is nothing like the previous Airtel flash call I posted before as this one actually connects the call and you speak with the person with the person’s airtime 100%

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