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Turned Down By AdSense? There Is Hope For You Read This

I know it’s usually a frustrating feeling whenever one is turned down by Google AdSense for one reason or the other because you know how hard it took before they replied, and the funny thing is even if you fix one problem they specified they also find another fault to the extent that sometimes people get tired of their incessant disapprovals. I’ve also been in that shoe, Google AdSense has turned this blog as good as it is down for up to 7times😌 but I’m not sad anymore when I started blogging newly i felt like my blogging carreer was over anytime AdSense turns me down but as I continued to gain experience I discovered that AdSense is not the end of the world.

So I’m going to tell you something today about Google AdSense that you never knew, and to encourage you(blogger).

Why You should forget AdSense for Now
Sometimes AdSense turn bloggers down for no just cause, they turn you down because they have turned you down before without looking or crosschecking your website to see whether you have corrected the said problem, and that is to some bloggers that their career in blogging is over. I’ve seen numerous people quit blogging because they were turned down by AdSense and that’s really appalling… So you joined blogging all because of 💰 money gosh! That’s horrendous!
Ok so but you reading this post will be enlightened, see Google AdSense is not the end of the world, there are numerous ad networks that pay (I won’t say better than AdSense though) because my first blog Intellectual Forum ( had AdSense on it only AdSense and though a terribly low traffic blog that was in some days getting “1view” which maybe was my view still got up to $0.35 on AdSense when it crashed, that means that AdSense is not such a bad idea in terms of earnings, nevertheless there are numerous ad networks out there that pay to a good extent, the likes of BidVertiser,, Infolinks, PopAds, Popcash and Tribaladnetwork (though not very sure of Tribaladnetwork) but it can be tried. And also numerous Linkshrinking ad networks like, etc. That you can still Monetise with and make a good amount of money.

But that’s just it for Monetisation, if you want to make good money from your blog you won’t just drop your hope and aspirations on ad networks, because they have their disadvantages, they make a blog look dirty, you can’t imagine how I wish I could just take off every banner on this blog and just leave my blog as clean as it is but the truth is I can’t, that’s the only way I can earn from blogging for now but I believe in the nearest future I won’t have banners on my site anymore, then I’ll advance to better ways of earning with a website. Anyways like I was saying you should just focus on making your blog no.1 although honestly you can’t but just try your very best to make your blog a premium blog that offers unique content to readers with a good design first before you start monetising, don’t allow AdSense disapproval to spoil your blogging dream, AdSense is too small, focus on creating good content that can’t be found elsewhere or can be found but in a low quantity in a different form and believe me you if you resiliently blog, you will make money that a Blogger using AdSense won’t make or dream of making. 

Moreover, some bloggers using AdSense still don’t make money that much, some can’t make money because of they’ve not yet worked on their site well, and as such they keep been low traffic sites till eventually they quit. So take note that AdSense is just a means to an end, not the end itself. Focus on improving your blog for that is in actuality the end. 

Google AdSense approving you doesn’t mean that your blog is better than that of the other person but because you were perhaps lucky, some top blogs don’t make use of ad networks and they still make money so the watch word is improve your blog!

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