How To Check Your Blog Post for Plagiarism

Hello Guys I’m back with my usual blogging tips.
If you keep following this blog strictly you’ll surely learn all the basics you need to know in blogging and how to make money from it.
In this post I’m gonna show bloggers reading it how to check for plagiarism free in their blog post before publishing, this plagiarism check service is provided by SmallSeoTools website that is fully targeted at helping bloggers achieve Blog SEO success.

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Why Should I Check for plagiarism?
Now there are various reasons why one should check for plagiarism in an article before publishing one of which is SEO purposes because you can’t rank well with plagiarized content or if plagiarism is detected in any of your post.  Now you’ve heard me mention plagiarism severally… What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is an unruly act of copying or stealing another person’s online product or article, be it rewriting or simply picking words. They are all plagiarism and should be avoided.

How to Check your Post for plagiarism or detect such words in other articles online?
<> Simply copy the post(make sure it’s not above 1000words)

<> Go to and scroll down to where you’ll see a box asking you to paste the text

<> After pasting the text in the box, simply click check for plagiarism” and wait for it to load when it’s through you’ll be shown the results and if there’s any trace of the article elsewhere you’ll be shown the Matched sources and also shown the words that are unique and those that aren’t below is one of my post that I checked for plagiarism

<> From the screenshot it’s obvious the post is 100% unique to Gistrealz and as such can rank high in search engine of there’s no strong competition using the Keyword.

Now if you copied or plagiarized, this is how it’s gonna show

<> From the above screenshot you can see that the above post is 100% plagiarized no content is unique or original… The article above is fully plagiarized and as you can see the Match Sources like I mentioned earlier …
Note: this tool is 100% real and accurate it doesn’t only check title it checks all the words in the text.

The above article won’t obviously rank very high because the author copied all the Keywords and as such the main owners will rank first before the plagiarizer. Please as a blogger you need to learn to stay away from plagiarism it’s unfair and harmful.

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