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How to Get Free Airtime up to N10,000 from this App(Extremely Real)

Hello guys, we’ve discovered a new application that rewards new users with free Airtime! You heard me free airtime! And the funny thing is it’s quite easy just download the app and register, then get your free airtime.

How is it done?

<> Download Vskit application from here or after clicking on the link you’ll be shown a page with an option to click claim, and also a code(29F255) the claim button automatically copies the code.

<> After copying the code by clicking claim you’ll be redirected to your Google playstore to download the application.

<> Download the application(Vskit) and install.

<> Launch the application and tap the explore button there you’ll see sliders I.e. pictures sliding in front of the menu simply click on the one of promotion

<> Then you’ll be brought to a new menu where you are also shown a button to claim your bonus click on that and you’ll be asked to register either as using your phone number, email address or Facebook acct in my case I selected the Facebook acct option and they simply merged the both of them and after that I was returned to the same menu.

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<> In the menu, you’ll see a responsive box showing New user, simply tap on that box and enter the code you copied initially when you clicked on the first link, paste the code( 29F255) you copied into the box and get an instant 50Naira Bonus which you can withdraw immediately. From that time refer more people to earn maximum and unlimitedly
That’s all you need.
If you wanna earn by referring scroll down a bit and click on the next box, share to social media and for each registrant you get free airtime. Note that sending this particular referral advert to any of my groups will get you banned let alone the official group unless you are prepared to stop getting updates from Gistrealz. 
The above is my withdrawal. You can also earn by daily logins into the app(the extra 5naira is my login bonus for today) 
Warning: without using the code in the link above you’ll not be given any airtime and you would end up thinking the app is fake, make sure you use the code or copy it from our group chat because you can’t copy from this blog. Use the link! Copy the code! If you experience any issues you can ask Ericksson through dm or ask in the group chat.

The code is 29F255.
Try this offer as soon as possible to avoid it’s fake stories on my group.

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