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How to Get Free Airtime and Money from Palmpay Application (100% Real)

There is a new application by name Palmpay” the application was newly added into Google playstore and it hasn’t officially launched, it’s still in test mode but the administrators of the application have provided new users of this app (i.e. people that download it now) with wonderful packages. Before I jump into that angle, we need to be cleared on what the Palmpay is about.

What PalmPay is About?
Palmpay according to what is on their website and on their application, it’s a digital wallet where you can easily send money, receive money, send airtime, pay bills etc. And also get rewarded with cashbacks while doing so.
The administrators are working on a powerful system where you can transact easily and safely but since they are not yet through with the app development, they generously granted new users access to the application. 
What kind of Access?
If you download the application you’ll be provided two buttons, 1) Invite friends 2) Spin a wheel and the two buttons are goodies packed, you can spin a wheel and if lucky win huge palmpoints which can be used for alot of things ranging from airtime, Bill payments etc. On the application. So it is advisable you download the application now so that you can spin a wheel daily and win palmpoints which you be granted access to withdraw when they fully launch. 
How do I accumulate Palmpoints?
It’s a very simple task, just after registering, login and click on the spin a wheel button, spin the wheel and get rewarded on a daily basis as you spin and your palmpoints will be shown to you in the homepage of your dashboard. 
So earning is based solely on Spinning a wheel?
No, the wonderful package in this application too is that you can win and accumulate Palmpoints by referring new users to download the application using the invite friends button on your dashboard and for each invite that converts I.e. registers with your phone number you earn 100palm points while the referral still earns free 100points that means you both gain. 

Minimum withdrawal of palmpoints? 
You can withdraw your palmpoints once it’s up to 100palmpoints and the good thing is you can earn the 100points immediately you register with your referrer phone number so you gain immediately.
How to start?
Like I said earlier on, this application is still been developed by the admins and it will be unveiled soonest, but they set up a miniature version of the app so that new customers can earn alot while getting ready for their launch… And Every point gotten during this period will be available for withdrawal when they finally launch fully. 
~~ To get started click on this link HERE
~~ You’ll be redirected to playstore, download the Palmpay application and then you register while registering you might be asked to input the number of the person that invited you use 08134947740 as the number that invited you, also be aware that not using this number strikes you off from getting the free 100points for new registrants. So make sure you copy above number and paste as the invites number.
~~ when you complete your registration like I said you’ll see two buttons one for spin the wheel,click on that and spin to get your point for the day. 
~~ if you want to keep earning more however, you just have to keep referring your friends this period so that you’ll enjoy their services when they launch fully. Enjoy!

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