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{Ultimate Guide} How to Protect your Facebook Account from Hackers

Good evening guys, recently I’ve been receiving messages from friends and getting new friend requests from my old friends and when I ask them they say “my account was hacked” it was for this reason that I decided to publish an article on that..

Someone might be wondering how do they hack people’s Facebook account and for what?

Can’t the person just open his or her own Facebook account?
These are the questions lay or inexperienced people ask.

Now as a guru and a blogger that has been in the technological world for some years, I’ll answer the first question thus; Facebook accounts of unsuspecting individuals get cracked/hacked when they mistakenly login with their Facebook acct details on a phishing or scam Facebook website. The owners of the phishing website now gets a hold on their acct email/phone number and their passwords which guarantees free entrance into the account.

Another way cyber criminals crack people’s Facebook accounts is by using the feature provided by Facebook known as Forgot password” feature that when clicked and the right number of the acct entered receives  reset code and with that reset code they can easily change your password and take over your account.. so what do they do since the right owner of the account gets the code? The cracker will now call the owner of the acct claiming there is a code they forwarded to your phone and if the owner of the acct is not wise enough he or she will tell them the code and that will be the end of the acct. I know of a friend that lost his account because of that.

To the second question, Can’t the person (cracker ) open his own acct on Facebook, instead of hacking people’s account?

The answer to this is crackers don’t crack people’s account because of genuine reasons. They use the account they stole or hacked to do all sorts of crimes on the internet like Scamming, false identity to scam people etc. And the reason why they don’t like opening new account is the age of the Facebook account… They love using old Facebook accounts like the one 2-3years old so that they can easily fake their identity and deceive people, with the intent to scam them.. and most people don’t trust newly created Facebook accounts… That’s why scammers prefer aged accounts.

Now to the main purpose of the article which is how to easily prevent hacking or cracking of your Facebook account…

1. Login to your Facebook account, click on settings

2. On the settings page, locate the personal information” as shown in the picture below

3. Look for the option to add your email account, add ayour email account be it Gmail, Outlook, yahoomail etc. 
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4. After adding that, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email you entered, login to the email account and  click the verification link sent to the mail from Facebook.
5. After verification, you are good to go. Then go back to your settings and privacy page locate the personal information and check whether your email status has changed to *verified* if it has then you are good to go … Enjoy. 

With the email address there, even if you make a silly mistake of login your acct details on a scam site? And the Cyber criminal takes over your acct the first thing he or she would do is to change your password and remove your phone number so you don’t use the reset password feature.
If you have added your email address as instructed, don’t panic, all you have to do is to login to your email account, there you will find a mail from Facebook informing you of the changes in your acct, and you will be asked to click a new button if it wasn’t you, simply click on that and answer all the necessary question correctly proving you are the right owner of the account and that’s all your account will be restored to you and the person logged out forever. 
I once encountered this and it was my email that saved me, because hackers can’t remove your email address… Facebook doesn’t allow that, so with the addition of email address, you are safe from crackers
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