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9mobile Free Browsing Cheat via Http Injector VPN Capped @600mb

Hello guys I know it’s been a while since I updated us on latest free browsing cheat, I’ve been busy handling some school issues to the extent that I forgot to wish you guys a happy new month… But that’s in the past now, today been 2nd of August I just decided to share with you guys a 9mobile free browsing cheat that is capped at 600mb using http injector VPN. But it’s not totally free of charge you have to subscribe to 9mobile streaming bundle for it to connect.

What does it do in actuality?
It helps you browse all applications with the streaming bundle that was meant to be for only streaming.

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How is it done?
~~ First of all you need to download the 9mobile streaming bundle that cost 200Naira by dialing *200*3*4*4*1#

~~ Then you download latest http Injector from Google Play store or Apkpure.

~~ All you have to do next is to install http injector VPN that you downloaded from playstore and launch it i.e. open the application and tap the paper icon by the right and tap import config, select the directory where it was stored(the config file) click on it.

~~ Download the config file from HERE

~~ The guidelines to importing the config I believe is above.

~~ That’s all Tap Start and begin cruising the data subscription.

Note: Make sure you have subscribed to the streaming bundle before you start doing the http injector set up.

The only disadvantage of this bundle is that it is only valid for 2hrs… i.e. it lasts for 2hrs so it’s not advisable for people that want to enjoy it for a long time but it’s worth it for heavy movie downloaders.


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