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Download Copyright Free Images For Your Blog From These Websites

At a point in time in the life of a Blogger or Website owner he thinks of getting revenue from his website and immediately resort to Google AdSense application but due to AdSense strict policy the blogger might end up been stranded and quit the blogging game because money they say is the fuel that keeps every venture going. This Google AdSense issue could be because the blogger uses pictures from Google to post on his own blog not knowing of the copyright law and how strictly Google follow those rules. In a bid to solve this problem for the blogger or website owner many websites were developed i.e. websites that store free stock images which doesn’t have ©️ copyright, so now the blogger is free to apply for AdSense and start generating little supportive revenue from his website or blog.

The problem is that some bloggers either due to their newness in the game or ignorance have failed to tap into this development so they still end up having issues with generating revenue from their hard work, so in this article I’ve listed 5 best websites where a blogger or website owner that doesn’t have his own images can get it from instead of going to Google.

I have emphasized on the need for bloggers to stay away from Google if they need images to upload to their blog or website because all images seen on Google were uploaded by the tons of websites Google indexes and as such some not all (though) are not free, they are copyright images(and as such downloading them means infringing on those policies which will either take you to court with the owner or make Google AdSense a*major revenue stream for website and blog owners to refuse your application for partnership).

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Websites that Copyright free images can be downloaded from

~~ Pixabay: pixabay is the number one on the list because most bloggers use pixabay and it is a very good stock photo website with over 1million public images. With this alone you are good to go because it’s what I make use of in almost all my posts.

The Website link is {https://pixabay.com}

~~ Pexel: Pexel started as far back as 2015 and is  a wonderful website for free stock photos but from my own experience, I prefer pixabay to it, though it has lots of images also ranging in thousands that are also very neat and best for blogs and websites.

The website link is

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~~ Unsplash: Unsplash is coming third on the list but from the experiences of some other bloggers they’d surely give unsplash the first or second position but this is just according to what I experienced using them, though notwithstanding the position they are all wonderful websites for stock photos and they offer images 100% free.

The website link is

~~ Flickr: though Flickr isn’t a full public domain image website but it also contains a good number of images that are worth been tried. But Flickr requires you sign up first.

Website link is {flickr.com}

~~ Life of Pix: this is a wonderful free stock photo website that has lots of free images available for download, so it’s a wonderful pick for bloggers.

Website link is {lifeofpix.com}

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