Win Lots Of Gifts, Cash And Airtime On Scooper News App

Hello Guys! Happy New day 🎉! I bring good news to you today. I want to introduce you to an application that is paying well and also lots of bonuses to gain while using the app at no absolute cost apart from just the cost of downloading the application.
The Application is Scooper News App formerly known as Eaglee News App I know some of us have heard of this news application but this is for people that haven’t heard of it. You need to pick up your phone go to Google play store and get this wonderful application because with it you won’t be wasting your data online for nothing, reading news for nothing, reading gossip for nothing, or just playing for nothing as you get paid for doing those things. The good thing is that the application doesn’t require you pay a dime, just download and use it to read news and per news you read you get free coins which can be withdrawn as cash or as other amazing gifts and offers. It’s not restricted to News alone, you can also read Gossip, watch short skits and do lots more infact it is exactly like opera news application, the only edge it has is that you’ll be able make money while doing things you love doing online …

How to Get started
~~ First of all you need to download the Scooper Application from HERE also use this code: A5Q2AC after downloading the application when asked for referral code input this A5Q2AC

~~ When you click on the above link you will be directed to Google play store to download the Application.

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~~ Launch the App after the installation and click to register, it is better you just register with your Facebook account… Though you can register with your email address, just choose whichever one will be most convenient for you.

~~ When you are done with the registration, tap on the box floating on your dashboard and collect your first time bonus, then start reading news from them and each News you read and your coin roundbox fills up you simply tap on it to get your coin. The roundbox will be floating at the right side of your phone down.

~~ You can also earn more from the application by referring people and you can do that easily by sharing your referral code

~~ Occasionally too you can collect 2 coins free of charge if you stay on the app up to 30minutes reading news.

The good thing is there are lots of gifts waiting for you as a new registrant, free airtime, free cash, free iPhone x, a trip to Dubai etc. Rush now to the link above and get the Scooper News Application and make sure you use this code A5Q2AC to acknowledge your referral and also win some instant points which will kickstart your activities on the app.

Here are a few things you stand to gain and enjoy while using Scooper

The question is do you prefer to use your data to read news without reward or to use it to read news and other interesting things with a big reward? Make your choice.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to use the code A5Q2AC

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