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Advertising on blogs and websites has become stale news and it’s gradually fading away as more and more visitors tend to know the use of those adverts on websites. Visitors hardly click on banners now because the internet is getting wider everyday with more and more people getting knowledge of how those things work. Imagine a blogger placing a cpc banner on a site for a month and all he earns after checking back is just 0.10$ it’s terrible right? Yes it is, that is what banner advertisment is gently turning to; one can be working hard and getting good number of views only for the views to fetch him nothing because of poor CTR (click through rate). This is the reason why advertisements of blogs and websites are turning to old news. And with the influx of advert networks things keep getting worse, advertisers now choose or run their ads on different platforms which automatically results to lower budget on campaigns all pointing at low cpc rate on ads bloggers use on their site. Amidst the fact that advertising is going, good ad networks like Google AdSense still remain on top of the game because they charge advertisers alot to display ads so that they can settle themselves while still settling the publishers which are bloggers and web owners. The problem now is that upon the way AdSense charge their advertisers some bloggers never still make it i.e. reach the minimum threshold until they quit or get tired of blogging all because of little to no clicks on those banner advertisements. Today however, I am gonna list down alot of other ad networks which I recommend bloggers can make use of to monetise their views i.e. direct views on blog without your visitors necessarily clicking on any banner that will take them away from your site;

Alternative Ways Bloggers can Earn apart from using Google AdSense

I know as a blogger you must have searched this a million times on Google but believe me you that this isn’t like what you’ve seen before this is a brand new content not scraped or picked up from anywhere it’s 100% unique and new and will surely without reasonable doubt be of immeasurable use to you as a blogger or aspiring blogger.

No. 1: NG Adverts: this ad network is making the first position on this compilation because this post is targeted at Nigerian Bloggers and not foreigners; this ad network too is a definition of CPM ad network (Cost per mile), they are not fully cpm but as a blogger you can earn significant amount of money if you get views ranging in thousands or hundreds because they display ads that are cpm and CPC based. That means you get revenue for impressions on the ad and also clicks on the ad. To do this you just have to create native ads and place on your site, because most times native ads are cpm based majorly. Another wonderful thing about this ad network is that it’s compatible to any other ad networks ranging from Google Adsense to; if you want to apy for AdSense you can also apply for Ng Adverts and start earning few bucks in naira before you get AdSense approval.
The minimum payout of this ad network unlike AdSense which is $100 is just N3000… Which you can get easily if you place your ads strategically and also if you get good number of views and clicks.
You can sign up for Ng Adverts and expect approval within 24hours by clicking HERE-Sign Up on NG Adverts

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No. 2: Pop Ads: this is the rightful ad Network that should have made my first but it’s still ok at second positon since it’s a pop under ad. Pop ads is the best pop under ad network in the world with very good CPM rate which the publisher is giving the power to set, that means you can set your cpm rate at $2 per 1000 views which means that you get $2 per 1000 people that see your ad. This ad network is very good in terms of earnings just that their anti ad block solution is terrible, it doesn’t bypass adblockers for real so most of your traffic won’t be covered. This ad network though being a popunder network it’s still far less intrusive than some banner ad networks that bloggers litter all over their sites even excessively within their content.
The minimum payout is $5 which you can reach easily if you get good clean traffic.
You can also get enough money from popads if your site is a downloading or entertainment site because your visitors have to click to get what you offer. The algorithm works in that way as in per click on any corner of your site it triggers the adverts which will open behind your normal tab which means your visitor won’t be taken off your content.
The Alexa rank of popads is 78.
If you want to sign up for this wonderful ad network clock HERE-Sign up now

No. 3: PopCash: popcash is an ad network very similar to popads but not up to popads in terms of earnings but close to sane in terms of trustworthiness. Popcash offers lower CPM if you get your traffic from tier 3 countries i.e. 3rd world countries. And in Nigeria here, the rates they offer is good but not very good like that of popads but popcash is usually advisable because it’s the most unintrusive popunder ad network in the world… Their algorithm is wonderful, the ad is set to pop only once in 24hours for every visitor so their income level is really very poor compared to popads. But it’s worth a serious trial.
The minimum payout is a little higher than popads with $10 as minimum payment threshold.
If you want to sign up to this great ad network click HERE-Sign up and enjoy
No. 4: Popmyads: popmyads is a spectacular popunder network that offers very high rates and worldwide worldwide traffic and with it you can’t lose 1% of your traffic as all will be monetised. They have a system and their approval requirements are quite easy to reach. The approval process takes just 12hours and after that you create their ever effective anti adblock code and place on your site for maximum earnings… Though you are not given the ability to control or edit your cpm rates; they fix it for you according to your website traffic, device of visitors, where your traffic is coming from etc.
The minimum payout is $5
If you wanna sign up for popmyads click HERE- to enjoy cash
Making money from a website you own isn’t restricted to using AdSense or ad networks you can also sell what you produce on your site i.e. makrketing your products on your blog to get more sales, that’s a more credible and profitable way of earning from your high traffic website. Just take time and write a book or whatever it is that will.interest your readers and create a banner for it and then place the banner on your website or blog. When visitors show interest they contact you directly and pay you for it… That’s a very good way of earning using your blog while still using Ad networks.

You can also run direct ads for people, instead of going through a mediation service like AdSense you can just run the ads directly for the company owners and people. To do this make sure your website is a high traffic website. Everything depends on your traffic.

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