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ToriApp is Giving Away Free 1GB | See How To Get Yours

Good morning guys, I bring to you this Video status application known as Toriapp that rewards active users with 1GB of data to browse on any network. All you have to do is to register, upon registration with a reference code you are given free 500points to aid your withdrawal. This Toriapp is very rewarding as there are other ways of earning on the application which are;

~~ If you refer a new person you earn withdrawal points and the person also earns 500points.

~~ In app activities; liking a video, uploading a video, watching videos.

~~ Also Uploading your own videos fetches points for you.

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~~ So the trick you can use is to keep liking all videos on your status to earn unlimited points. {Mind you that once you have gotten upto 1000points you will be eligible to withdraw into your account or as 1000mb to your phone. But it’s advisable you withdraw to your phone number instead.

~~ To download the Toriapp you need to click on this LINK

~~ After downloading make sure you fill the form on the registration page, don’t click on login with gmail.

~~ While registering you’ll see an option to input reference number, simply copy this code = 8wemijkb then you proceed, failure to use the code above will result to not getting the initial 500points. Use this 8wemijkb

~~ When you are done, an otp would be sent to your registered email, so make sure you input a valid email address; copy the code sent to your email and paste in the box provided for otp and login to your account.

~~ Now just tap the three lines by the side and you’ll see

Now to earn points simply tap on Lucky wheel, spin the wheel and gather points and to check your rewards, tap the reward button on your dashboard. Enjoy!

Note: Make sure you use the code above; not using it means you’ve prepared to miss the 500Points welcome bonus… Once it’s 1000points you can now withdraw.

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