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Data Bundle Doesn’t last? Find out the Cause Now

Due to the way and manner our data subscription finishes, we are forced to either look for free browsing cheats or think it’s the fault of ISPs in Nigeria. But not knowing that it could still be our fault, the development of sophisticated phones have brought good and bad to our society esp. in Nigeria.

The problem of how our data bundle gets exhausted is a serious problem, and we haven’t really worked out a way of determining whether it’s our fault(because of the smartphone we make use of) or the fault of the network providers we patronise (also called ISPs). The above stated problem is the reason I am posting this article, and if you are experiencing this problem you need to read this post to the end; so relax and read.

My Experience using MTN

What I’ve experienced so far I’ll call a nightmare, I bought data bundle of 1GB from MTN and it finished the next day and this is what I’ve been experiencing for the past 2months… Some people complain that their data subscription finishes in one week, but mine finishes in 3days, though I’m not here to talk about my self… I just thought of it a wise decision to post my experience here and also tell you how I was able to determine who is at fault. This problem of mine got to an extent that I had to contact 180 explaining to them what I was facing because I believed it was from them, they gave me their own advice and I still applied it but lo and behold it didn’t work, my data bundle was still finishing before I say the word go.😁 
I continued managing until I stumbled upon an application by name Internet speed meter lite. As a researcher I read the reviews on Google play store and since they were ok I decided to install this application, after installation I launched it and began using my data because according to the developers with the app you will keep an eye on your data usage I.e. how many mb you have used and also know what consumes your data most (the application that consumes it most)  I subscribed as usual and started using the application, when I checked my data subscription balance after some hours it had reduced tremendously I was shocked so I checked the data I’ve used according to the stats showing in the application and it still reflected the same thing… Meaning that I am the one using my data, that it isn’t MTN trick or fraud. 

Though there is a slight difference but its almost 100% accurate. If you are experiencing what I experienced and still experiencing (data subscription not lasting) you have to try this application. Download the app and keep accurate record of how you use your data and who is at fault, whether your network provider or your phone. So that you’ll know other steps to take.

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Where do I download the App?
I’m sure that somebody that read this post from beginning to end will know where to download the application because u stated it in the text above, but for the benefit of those who don’t read through things carefully;

~ Download Internet Speed Meter Lite from Playstore or Apkpure by clicking HERE

~~ After downloading, install the application, but if you downloaded with playstore the installation will be done automatically by Google playstore. 

~~ The app doesn’t require you start setting up any shit, just launch/open the app and it immediately starts running, and you’ll immediately see it on top of your phone reading your data activity. 

~~ That’s all now check your data and start taking your record from the time the app started running… If you keep accurate record you’ll see it’s not the fault of Network providers but your fault.. or maybe your case is different.

Note: the network used for this experiment is MTN Nigeria, I’ve not used it on Airtel but I’ll soon do that. Just keep checking up this particular post for more updates as more experiments will be added as an update to this. Enjoy!

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