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{Insufficient Storage Space on Android Solved} Read this

One of the severe problems smartphone users face is Storage and this is mainly restricted to people using older generation Android smartphones because of late, Android Producing companies have solved this problem by increasing the storage space of their phones. But in this post I want to show Android users how to solve the insufficient memory issue.

This particular problem for some Android users is like something that can’t be solved but in fact it’s untrue… Solving the storage issue is quite easy;
~~  First of all, you have to find useless apps I.e. apps you are not making use of and uninstall them.
~~ I’ll have to refer to my previous post, where I informed you of the need and how to uninstall pre-installed applications from your Android smartphone~~ These Applications are occupying a large portion of your phone Storage Space.

~~ You need to delete files that you aren’t using again, most of us are fond of keeping files that we ain’t using again in our phones. 
~~ Purchase an SD Card; yeah this is a big time solution to storage issues because if you have one on your phone you can easily transport your files (videos, music, documents, pictures) to the SD card whilst freeing your phone storage.
The above is what every person trying to help you solve phone memory issue will tell you but in fact {again๐Ÿ˜†} it’s not fully true; i don’t mean it’s false entirely. It’s true to an extent. Keep reading this for the information you are looking for….~
Disadvantages of Insufficient Phone Memory or storage space 
~~ this is one of the hardest notification you’ll get from your phone because it is highly irritating, Imagine that you want to collect a nice movie from a friend and you end up not being able to because of “Insufficient Storage” it’s terrible, Gosh!
~~ It also makes one feel terrible when it comes to application installs; you might hear of an application that rewards with airtime and you rush to playstore to download and get the pop up option to uninstall other applications before you’ll be able to download the app and then you fall into a tight corner, where you might now check which is more important… The app you want to download or the one you want to delete to get space ๐Ÿ˜ … It’s a terrible feeling I must say because I’ve experienced it.
~~ Always deleting things from your phone, I mean if you are a music freak like me you might end up always deleting things just to get accomodation space for new files{Terrible}… You’ll end up always deleting things from your phone and it’s not a nice one for either movie freak or music freak.
~~ The Final Solution ~~

Have you ever been in the situation where your storage space just gets clogged up for nothing, you may have checked it the previous day and saw 1.1g but you checked today and saw a shocking 350mb storage and you end up suffering while your space is been stucked up in your phone cache. Yes! It happens and the images below will show you what I’m talking about
From the above screenshot I believe you can see that 512mb is cached data, which means the internal storage – 512mb {useless}.
I know you are getting tired of reading this long text, let me go straight to the point~~ in cases where you don’t know what is consuming or occupying your storage space just click on Your settings and scroll to where you’ll see “Storage settings” 
Depending on the version of Android you are making use of, the one been used for the illustration is Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.

~~ Click on Storage, a new menu will load up for you as in the image below
Click on Internal storage or Phone storage depending on your phone, and then you’ll be shown a new menu see image below tooโœ“โœ“
That’s it you’ll see the space the cache is occupying, simply tap on Cached data or Cache depending on your phone.

You will see a pop up asking you whether you want to continue with

~~ Tap Ok then wait some seconds for it to clear the cache.

~~ after that your storage space will be freed…

~~ from time to time, make sure you check the cache and clear up because it is nother storage space consumer apart from pre-installed applications.


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