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Restricted From Chatting on Telegram? Learn how to Free your Account

Telegram is a wonderful social medium that works exactly like WhatsApp but with more advanced features, most business people prefer telegram to Whatsapp because if the features telegram boasts of. Though telegram is a good social medium, they still have some rules and regulations that keeps the system going. one of  which is the restriction a user gets when he or she spams or drops posts on groups not owned by him. A user can also get restricted for adding people forcefully to groups they don’t know about, all the person needs to get banned is if two or three people use the report spam button, the user will immediately be apprehended… Telegram users usually call it telegram prison.😁
The feature is a nice one, I must say. But the user that has been apprehended will probably stop using telegram because of that because when you are restricted you can’t chat up anybody, but you can reply chats and you can’t also comment in public groups … These heavy restrictions gets lifted after 1 week if you are a first offender but if you have offended severally it can last for as long as 2weeks or even at worst case scenarios a month.

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I for one get restricted almost all the time, and I serve the punishment as there are no shortcuts but recently I got apprehended(allow me to use this word) on telegram and was told I’ll be released on 21st of July been 5days ago and I waited patiently till 24th of July just to make sure there are no stories when I finally check my status on telegram, and lo and behold on getting back online I saw that I was still restricted because I couldn’t still chat in a public group… This got me angry because my day of freedom had passed.. so I sought for more info, and contacted the spam info bot {screenshot below}

And the worst of all is this time, not only was I still restricted even after the freedom day had passed but I wasn’t issued a new date that I’ll be freed and eligible to chat freely… That really got me worried {I wondered if telegram restriction is now forever} so I pleaded to the bot thinking it was an error, the bot gave me a negative response too

After the above response I became even more shocked and then started the conversation afresh and instead of just checking my status I let the bot know they were mistaken

I then resorted to submitting a complaint to telegram support, I didn’t write a long letter of apology or letter of annoyance, it just took me a few line of words

I told the bot the honest truth, though I spammed a group that’s why I was restricted initially but I believed that since the day I was given has passed and I’ve not been released that it must be a new offence that I didn’t commit, so I just told them I didn’t spam any group” and today I checked up on my acct on telegram again and saw that the issue has been addressed. I was now free to chat again on telegram.

That was how I got freed from telegram restriction, and I believe if you have been restricted unjustly, you just have to contact the spam info not there you report to the support that it was a mistake from them and believe me you it will  be addressed and your account freed.

Cases that they won’t attend to?

~~ If your day of freedom hasn’t reached don’t think of contacting them because that’ll be a waste if time.

~~ If you  truly spammed a group or did something that violated their rules and regulations, they won’t attend to your case.

~~If you contact them more than once. There are chances you won’t be attended to so please just alert them once and leave.

Want to Avoid Been Restricted?

~~ Don’t chat up someone you don’t know easily because they have the power to report your profile for spam and therefore get you restricted.

~~ Don’t post unwanted content on another person’s group… It’s not like WhatsApp, there ain’t no spamming on telegram.

~~ Don’t abuse anyone either through dm or publicly otherwise your account might be restricted.

~~Lastly, don’t use telegram like WhatsApp, there are struct rules and regulations guiding telegram usage.


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