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Why You Shouldn’t Add Blogger Blog to Cloudflare | Warning

Owning a blog is one heck of a task and also for those that enjoy it is a wonderful hobby and Google also provided a medium for those that love writing to publish their passion using Blogger.com back in early 2000s. Ever since though Google haven’t really worked impressively to improve the blogger service, people with passion to write have created free blogs using this Google Product to the extent that as of today 20% of the great websites online are blogger blogs. Google just recently updated the blogger blog with new features which are;

~~ Bloggers can now add a custom domain to their Blogger Acct. Instead of the usual . blogspot domains

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~~ Before now, Google didn’t support ssl for blogger blogs or blogs hosted on blogger.com, it was in 2018 that Google introduced the feature following the announcement that Blogs with SSL certificates will perform better on their search engine (Google) this particular development by google proves Writers who have written all over the internet that Google has abandoned blogger wrong. Because if Google cared to the extent of granting Blogspot blogs https capability then it simply means that Google still values their product.

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Since the launch of the new ssl feature blogger blogs have been using the free ssl certificate provided by Let’s encrypt. But this free ssl certificate came with an issue especially for Nigerians that make use of Several ISPs (the problem came in the form of the inaccessibility of Blogs hosted on blogger.com that are using custom domain) for visitors using the Glo Network in Nigeria.
As studies went further it was discovered that blogger blogs with custom domain could be accessed using glo only on one condition which is making use of Cloudflare name servers in place of the default nameservers provided by their different Domain Registras; this solution is ok for bloggers that started off on blogger with a custom domain but it’s dangerous for blogs that have existed and gained good SEO ground using their blogspot address before buying a custom domain because this Cloudflare integration will destroy/render their old default address useless on search engines. No doubt the cloudflare setting helps you alot as Glo users can now smoothly surf your little website but it comes with it a problem that might be greater than that. I’ve not yet switched to cloudflare and I don’t think I will in the nearest future till all my .blogspot URLs get replaced with my current url.

How is Cloudflare integration harmful to Blogger Blogs?
Making use of cloudflare nameservers first of all transfers all your DNS settings to  cloudflare and also the control of your custom domain partly moves from your domain registra(GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.) to Cloudflare, therefore you can’t edit your DNS settings on your domain registra again, only on Cloudflare.

~~ Your blog become partially inaccessible through the old url (default .blogspot domain), and if lots of your .blogspot URLs are ranking they will stop getting good views as anybody that accesses your site using the default blogger address will be shown a page to manually redirect to your new domain which automatically scares the intending visitor.
Below is a screenshot of the page your visitors will see… Now the question is if it were you will you still click redirect?

From the above I hope I’ve made it  clear that adding your blogger custom domain  to Cloudflare will render your .blogspot address almost useless. So use with caution.

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