All You Need To Know About Google AdSense Approval Algorithm

Hello Guys, getting Google AdSense approval for those who know how to is one of the most simple tasks to engage in but those who either out of impatience or ignorance find it very hard to get AdSense approval and unfortunately for me I fall under the second category (people who are impatient and ignorant) that’s why I had to face the consequences. But in this post I’m going to show us how i finally got AdSense approval after applying consistently for over 30times.

Honestly, it wasn’t such an easy task and I even started concluding in my heart that Google AdSense wasn’t isn’t just for my blog Gistrealz. Until I tried for the 30th time with very carefree attitude and boom! Surprisingly I was approved in just 16days.

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval and Also What to Stay Away from

1. Don’t Ask the Google AdSense Help forum whether you’ll be approved: this is what I must confess made me to keep reapplying and reapplying without been patient for an official reply for Google AdSense team. I once asked a question there and got a very embarrassing response that I should forget AdSense because what I post is not unique, it’s not original, it can be found in the same sort of words everywhere etc… Those were just useless statements coming from mediocres that had no relationship with the AdSense team; they made me each time I ask them and they give me a negative response I’ll go and cancel the AdSense application, not knowing those silver, gold expert were just uninformed participants in that forum that knew nothing. So if you want to apply for AdSense don’t ask them of your chances of getting approval because they’ll end up discouraging you no matter how good your blog is. Just apply and keep mute. If you have good content you’ll surely be approved.

2. Publish lengthy, quality content devoid of spelling errors: I’ll always say this because it’s very important and it’s part of the tricks I used, I just made my old lengthy articles appear as new posts so that AdSense team will see those ones and just approve my blog and guess what? It worked. Make sure before applying you have already 9 lengthy, meaningful content that is original i.e. fully created by you.

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3. Don’t use any other ad network: yes this is a huge determinant if you are to get Google AdSense approval, because some ad networks display nude picture on blogs to increase clicks and if you are unlucky to be using such an ad network while your website reaches the top for AdSense review then be rest assured that you’ll be disapproved. I’m not saying you can’t be approved with other ad networks but to be on the safe side remove all banner ads from your website when your application reaches 1week. After approval you can place them back.

4. Make sure you focus on the niche you love: don’t change content because of AdSense … This is what I never knew, AdSense isn’t interested in your niche as long as you write and own all the articles on your blog. This was my mistake, I was deceived to thinking that Google AdSense doesn’t want tech blogs again which was a blatant lie from the Google AdSense so called experts on that godforsaken forum. So forget that shit and keep writing your quality content.

5. Warning: don’t pay anybody for trick, just believe in yourself and be patient. AdSense isn’t the end of the world so apply and relax 😊. You’ll get it if you own all your posts.

6. Use less images on your blog, let your blog be more of texts than images so that you won’t be disapproved upon review.


Did you know that even if you change your theme after a week of application that you won’t be slapped with a Valuable Inventory: Under Construction? Yes I just discovered that because I changed my template twice during the review… But each time I still placed the initial verification code between the <head> of my blog.

Did you know that it’s best to apply with a .xyz domain extension because Google owns the Company. So your chances increase if you apply with a .xyz domain … Though you must have quality content.

Did you know that Google takes quality content as content with over 600words? Yes they do.

Did you know that you mustn’t apply with a privacy policy, about us, contact us page?! Yes! You mustn’t, i.also confirmed that because my privacy policy page was redirecting to my dead domain before I was approved… So the key thing is publish good content.

Did you know that you can get approved with just 10posts? Yes if you have 10 lengthy, meaningful posts you’ll get approved.

I think that’s all you need to know about Google AdSense, now if you enjoyed the post do well to drop a meaningful comment…
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Also if you think you need your website checked for chances of approval drop in comment box for me to run a check, don’t ask those so called experts on the Google AdSense forum they’ll break your spirit. Thanks

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