Traffic Issue: How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog From NairaLand

Blogging is usually fun but the fun turns to bitterness or hardship when a blogger publishes an article that took him or her hours to prepare and still get little to no traffic or views. Most times this particular issue breaks the blogging spirit in hardworking bloggers.
But in this post I’m going to show us how to publish and share blog url on Nairaland... Because a blogger who has good content to display can be fetching a whole lot of views from Nairaland.
Now a newbie might ask, what is Nairaland? Nairaland is a forum created and owned by Oluwaseun Temitope Osewa and it’s the highest forum in Nigeria with millions of registered youths so it’s a good place to share your contents as a blogger, though there are rules and regulations guiding the usage of the forum; it’s still a wonderful way of getting good traffic to your blog as a blogger. Without wasting much time let me go straight to the point…

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How to Create a Post/Topic on Nairaland Forum

1. It’s not actually a difficult activity, you just have to login to your Nairaland acct, because before  planning to create a post or new topic on Naira land you must be a registered participant of the forum. After you login, scroll down to where you’ll see a lot of categories, Phone, TV, market, technology etc. Then select the category that matches the article you want to share.

2. After selecting the category and the page loads you’ll be shown a button to create new topic as shown in the image below, just tap on that button and enter your post subject or title, followed by your message i.e. what you want to share to the forum.

3. Now if it’s a link, you just have write a little post in the message box and include something like Click Here to Learn more – {you input the post url} pointing to your blog… That’s all you need and boom, the forum members interested will click on the link to read the full gist and your traffic will keep increasing. You can also collect emails from that and make them your permanent visitors.

I believe I’ve been able to show you how to create new topic on Naira land easily. The other good thing about posting on Nairaland is that you’ll get high quality backlinks from there, which will also benefit your blog on search engine. So it’s a very wise decision… Just to add though, I’ve attached the views I’ve gotten so far from Naira land in just few days of sharing my urls there…

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