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{Hot} MTN Night Browsing Cheat Using Http Injector VPN

Hello Guys, we are back with another MTN Free Browsing cheat that is hot and blazing but the only thing about it is that it’s not actually free of charge as in you need to have a subscription and for this cheat you need to subscribe to MTN night bundle which comes in two variants the MTN 50 Naira for 500MB and MTN 25 Naira for 250MB.

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 So basically what this cheat does is to extend the data cap of the subscribed Night bundle therefore giving you more opportunity to surf and stream your favourite movies using the Night Bundle and the good thing is that this MTN Night Bundle Cheat is powered by Http Injector VPN, our favorite VPN for free Browsing cheat and I believe we are all familiar with how to import config and how to use the VPN… 
But for the benefit of those that are just using this app for the first time I’ll still list down the steps you need to follow to import a config an use the VPN.

Requirements ✓✓

Android 4.1 and above.

MTN sim with a Night Bundle Subscription

Http Injector VPN which you can download from google play store or from Apkpure.

The config file for the cheat which you can download from HERE

That’s all you need interms of the requirements and if you have everything listed above then you are good to go… You just have to download the config and launch your http Injector VPN, import the config into the app and do the usual Night Bundle using either NT1 for 250MB or NT2 for 500MB and once the appointed time reaches you switch on your data connection, launch the VPN and tap on start after that start Browsing using your Night sub, what you’ll experience is that your Night bundle will last very long i.e. till the normal 5am. (This cheat extends the data cap of your Night bundle, so you keep enjoying the Browsing until the expiry time) it’s not unlimited but it extends the night bundle to a very long time.

How to Import the .ehi config file downloaded from Here✓✓

Just launch your http Injector VPN, then you tap on the paper icon on top of the app, select import config and select the directory the config file was stored and when sighted tap on the file and it gets imported.✓✓ that’s all you need. You are then on your way to enjoying longer Browsing duration with your night Bundle…

Credited to Uchetechs.

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