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{Hot} Get Free Airtime Easily From Sliide Airtime Application

Today as I was doing my usual research on the internet, something good struck my mind and i remembered the name of an application that rewarded me with maximum airtime and data then by just doing simple tasks like answering surveys, downloading wonderful games, playing games, reading news on my phone’s lock screen and much more. Then, I decided to share this Application with my fans so that they too can enjoy what I enjoyed and currently enjoying… 

The application is called Sliide Airtime and just as the name sounds it’s an application that rewards users with airtime for just reading news on their phone’s lock screen. It started as far back as 2016 (though not accurate about the year) and still rocking till now. Sliide airtime rewards users with free airtime for doing simple tasks like downloading apps, answering surveys, though this is not like geopoll that you have to wait for the surveys to come, this one the surveys are always available and you can select the one you want depending on the price tag i.e. the amount of airtime on the survey

There are tons of other ways to earn on the app, like referring users to the app which you’ll get instant N25 which you’ll get when the person uses your code in turn the person that you referred upon using your code receives N25 plus the normal N10 airtime given to New comers so everybody wins on Sliide!

How to Set Up Sliide Airtime Application

~~ First of all you need to download Sliide Airtime Application by clicking HERE

~~ After downloading the application, launch the Application and click on sign up; feel.in your details accurately especially your email because it will be verified but unlike Toriapp you will be able to login and do your activities pending email and phone number verification…

~~ That’s all, when you login you’ll be asked to input your referral code to enable you get the free N25 airtime simply input this code CHCM2P and get the free N25 airtime for being referred plus your free N10 bonus making it N35.

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~~ Now if you have friends and family that you think maybe interested in the application, refer them and get free N25 airtime added to your acct.

~~ Concerning the phone verification, you need to use MTN (preferably) then make sure it’s sim 1 on your phone then you verify.

~~ Email verification is very easy you just have to request and wait some seconds to get the activation mail and boom you are verified.

~~ Recently, they added NG News into the app so you can still read Lindaikeji blog updates on your lock screen and earn… It’s as easy as ABC.

~~ Answer surveys and earn too

Sliide airtime is a wonderful application and should be tried out… While trying it make sure you use the code as referral code to earn the N25 


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