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How to Add Sticky/Floating Related Post Tool On Blog For Better Engagement Of Your Visitors

Hello Guys! I am back with my normal blogging tips to help new bloggers achieve success in the tough blogging world. Today i am going to show bloggers how to create the floating related post feature to keep visitors longer on you website and to increase your website views. 
This recommended for you feature is provided by

I know some must be confused and perhaps wondering what i mean by Recommended for you feature? I will break it down now; the recommended for you feature works like the related post feature on most websites but the one i am talking about doesnt just show up close to the footer of a website after the end of a blog post, this particular recommended feature shows up as an anchor ad that sticks on the visitors device be it mobile or desktop. On desktop however it shows up as slider and as such it doesn’t perform so well for the website owner because it can be ignored by the visitor browsing your website with a PC. It works best on Mobile because it shows up very boldly and most times from my experience visitors tend to hit it and therefore keep reading my articles and my bounce rate keeps reducing. it works so well and excellently, below is the screenshot of how many hits i have gotten on it since i placed it on my webiste

Now if you are wondering how the Recommeded for you feature/tool looks like on a website then you need to see the below image

Though I am not going to waste much of your time, i just thought it wise to tell you what it is about before proceeding to how you as a blogger can set it up on your Blog (Blogger or WordPress), because it is a must have tool as it boosts your views, increases the time visitors spend on your blog and decreases your blog’s bounce rate drastically. Another good thing about it is that it is provided by addthis for free; that means you can set it up for your blog or website for free 100%.

Note: This works best if you have nice and catchy blog posts so endeavor to create good content, so that you can enjoy the full potential of this tool as it will glue your visitors to your blog.

How to Set up the Floating Recommended for You Tool on a Blog
1. first of all, logon to and tap on dashboard if you are using PC,

2. When it loads you will be shown a sign in page asking for your email and password, but simply tap on any of the sign in options using social media (facebook preferably) to avoid going through unnecessary long processes.

3. When you select any preferred login option you will be redirected to your dashboard, showing analytics, tools and my site option.

4. simply tap on Get The Code which displays on your dashboard too and copy your acct unique code with which the service will read your content and show recommended post to your audience

5. After tapping on the Get the code button you will be shown a code to place in the body section of your website, simply do that and then proceed to adding and activating tools.

6. The next button to click is the Tools Button, tap on it and select the tool you want to activate for your website, for the recommended for you tool you have to select the related post tool and proceed to editing to your taste

7. Edit and activate the tool(s) you want and note that once you have copied the initial code to your website, every other tool you activate will be sent to your website live! you dont have to place the code again. Every new tool you add will start working on your website automatically as long as the initial code was pasted accurately.

After the editing and set up, check your website to see if its successfully displaying. if it starts displaying then you set it up accurately but if it doesnt just give it like 10minutes and recheck… that’s all enjoy!!! Drop comments if you are still confused.

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