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Subscribe To 9Mobile Special Data Plan That Gives 1GB for N200 Now Easily

Getting to know that the almighty data plan of MTN that gives some customers a whooping 1GB for N200 and 4GB for N1000 cannot work on your sim either because it hasn’t been inactive for 3weeks or a month is a terrible feeling especially when you know fully that you cant leave your sim for that long to enable you become eligible. 

This particular scenario is where the role of other networks in Nigeria cannot be neglected, because what you don’t get on your MTN sim you can get it using another sim in another network. Pertaining this particular data plan called MTN Welcome Back Data, you can get something equivalent if not better than that of MTN on your 9mobile sim! yes! most people  have heard of this data plan but before it was based on eligibility but now 9mobile has made it official; which means you can enjoy the data bundle as long as you are using a 9mobile sim and with N200 on your account balance.

9mobile network as we all know is one of the best networks in Nigeria when it comes to Data speed but in terms of Data prices i must say the truth that they score fourth among the main ISPs in Nigeria currently because their data plan prices are very high and an average Nigerian person will find it difficult using their data plans actively because of this horrendous pattern and prices of Data they offer. However, this 9mobile special data bundle is a unique one as it follows the footsteps of the Glo previous 1GB for N200 which alot of people enjoyed then; before it was cancelled and made to be more uncomfortable for subscribers… (its currently 1GB for N300)  

Without wasting much time, let me go straight to how you can subscribe to 9mobile Special data plan of 1GB for N200 incase you arent eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Data Bundle or if you dont have an MTN Sim.

How to Subscribe to 9Mobile Special Data Plan  

Though there are basic requirements you should have which are:

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>> An Android Phone or mobile phone anyone you have but preferably Android device.

>> A 9mobile active sim card, with not less than N200 in the acct balance because the Data bundle costs N200.

>>  The USSD code that will be provided in this article.

Now, if you want to subscribe to 9mobile special data bundle simply dial  x929x10#  after dialing the code, you will get a confirmation sms showing that you have successfully subscribed to the 9mobile data plan and N200 will be deducted from your acct, while you receive the 1GB which is valid for 3days.

I believe with this data plan you dont need to keep clamoring for the MTN welcome back data eligibility criteria and giving yourself headache; because with 9mobile you will still get 100% what you would have gotten if you were using MTN to browse in terms of speed and reliability even data consumption rate; 9Mobile has got all you need.

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