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Tired of Been Added to Telegram Groups? Do This Now to End It

Telegram  is a social network that works like WhatsApp but has more features than WhatsApp in terms of group members limit which WhatsApp can only contain 257 members and also in terms of advancement and comfortability of the user (s)… This also comes with disadvantages in the sense that once you add a Username to your telegram account you can be easily added to groups you don’t want to be in forcefully as long as the person that added you knows your username. This particular issue is the reason most people decide not to be active on telegram because you can just be added to a scam group and if you are not careful you get scammed, this is the reason for which I am writing on this, and if you are patient enough to read this to the end you’ll be free from the problem…

How to Avoid Been Added to Telegram Groups without your permission

First of all you need to login to your telegram account and tap on settings option, there you will see privacy and security on the settings page click on the privacy and security, and you’ll be shown Groups, click on the groups option of the privacy page and restrict people that add you to groups to only contacts 
Changing it from everybody to only your contacts saves you the trouble of always seeing Useless Groups on your acct simply because the person that added you knows your username, so I guess it solves the problem for you finally! 

Enjoy your telegram account…
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