Google AdSense Vs Propellerads | Full Comparison

Propellerads is a top pop under ad network that offers huge CPM for publishers using their pop under option but as we all know pop unders are very intrusive and uncomfortable to visitors. But nevertheless propellerads is quite a huge competitor to Google AdSense and can be used as an alternative to Google AdSense.

Features of Propellerads

1. 100% Fill rate: propellerads monetises all your traffic and as such there is no left over traffic of yours that will be wasted or left in monetised. Because Propellerads has a system that shows ads to every of your visitor especially those using pop under. So propellerads boasts of a 100% fill rate for publishers.
2. High CPM: Propellerads boasts of high CPM for publishers, a publisher monetising with propellerads would get competitive rates that will surely put some coins in your pocket.

3. 100% Active Support: propellerads has a wonderful support system, each time they are contacted they always respond to queries fast and efficiently. So publishers facing issues or difficulties will always have a support to fall back to.

4. Swift Payment: Propellerads has never failed to pay a publisher when the publisher reaches the threshold, getting paid is assured as long as you get the minimum amount needed for withdrawal.
Google AdSense is the king of ad networks, getting google AdSense approval is the dream of every publisher because of the high CPC rates google AdSense offers. So other ad networks are seen as alternatives to AdSense

Features of Google AdSense

1. 100% Fill Rate: Google AdSense like propellerads offers 100% fill rate, that means at every moment ads will be showing on the publishers blog. There won’t be a period where the ad space would go blank or empty.
This 100% fill rate increases the earnings of publishers in a wonderful way.
With Google AdSense, none of your traffic would be wasted.

2. Contextual Ads: Google AdSense displays ads that in one way or the other match the content of the blog it’s been displayed on. This particular match increases the number of clicks a publisher can get on the ad he or she placed. Google AdSense checks the blogs content and based on it shows ads to visitors.
3. Swift Payment: Google AdSense also boasts of Swift Payment too, as long as you get genuine clicks on your ads and reach the minimum payment threshold you just have to wait for 21st of the month to get your payment.
The only time you can be denied your payment is when you did fraudulent activities on your account before the withdrawal period.

4. Very high CPC rate: though this is dependent on the quality of your traffic and where your traffic is coming from, it’s still generally the best ad network when it comes to offering good CPC rates. Other ad networks don’t offer as much as google AdSense that’s why AdSense is rated no.1 when it comes to blog monetisation.

Propellerads and Google AdSense compared

1. Propellerads is intrusive i.e. Using their pop under option, it disturbs visitors navigation of your website.

Google AdSense has non intrusive ad option, you don’t have to disturb your visitors while using Google AdSense, you just place your ads and start making money.

Google AdSense has a poor support system, that means you can’t report a serious issue on their acct and get it resolved so fast. Google AdSense has to improve on their support system and how fast they respond to queries from publishers.

Propellerads has a wonderful support system as stated above, they have a live chat option and also a normal ticket system support team that responds to queries very quickly and efficiently.

Propellerads displays ads that have nothing to do with the blogs content, it’s just based on the highest bidder and not dependent on the blogs content or visitors preferences.

Google AdSense displays ads however dependent on blogs content and the visitors preferences. Google AdSense is the best ad network in terms of displaying ads based on visitors preferences and blogs content. Doing this google AdSense increases the revenue of publishers by 50%.

From our experiences using the two ad Networks and from research and information from other Bloggers, we don’t recommend propellerads to any blogger, instead if you can’t get AdSense approval just try other pop ads networks. Google AdSense is the best ad network when it comes to website monetisation and advertising.
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