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Blogger platform otherwise called Blogspot platform owned by Google has numerous advantages, notwithstanding the popular saying by bloggers and mediocres that blogger platform is for unserious bloggers; a good blogger would in the long run discover that the blogger platform founded by Google has more advantages than the so called best WordPress platform and in this article I’m going to hit the nail on the head by showing the major advantages of the Blogspot platform.

Misconceptions about Blogspot/Blogger platform

1. It can never rank on google google engine; this is the heaviest and most terrible misconceptions about the blogger platform. And this is been paraded by the so called blogging experts that are using WordPress and because of that they think the blogger platform can never rank on any keyword on google. This particular misconception has also been accepted by some medicore Bloggers using the blogger platform and because they don’t play their cards well they end up believing the shit and migrating to WordPress because of the poor ranking of Blogspot. But I stand to declare that this particular notion is wrong and very absurd, blogs hosted on blogger platform do rank and get views from Google just like any other blogging CMS can, and moreover Blogger is owned by Google so tell me why google would kill it’s its own product on it’s search engine; I mean it doesn’t make sense. Below are screenshot proofs attesting to the fact that the blogger platform can actually rank on Google; (though I’ve not been doing SEO well, still I manage to get views from Google)

If you play your card well on Blogger platform you’ll still float on the first page of Google.

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2. You can’t monetise Blogger platform; some medicore Bloggers or people who know nothing about blogging keep saying if you want to earn from blogging that you should blog with WordPress or a better CMS that Blogger can’t be monetised. This is a blatant lie as blogs hosted on blogger can be monetised 100%. The funny thing is that they can even be monetised using other ad networks other than google AdSense. I’m using Google AdSense on my blog, so I hope that clears your doubt on the monetisation level.

3. Blogger Blogs are not Fine; yes, the templates provided by blogger aren’t all that beautiful, but the provision of HTML /JavaScript code, you can easily code your own theme and use it on your blog. Something that can’t be done on WordPress. This is a common misconception about Blogger but it’s totally false. There are numerous custom templates on the internet for people to download an install on a Blogger blog. So when it comes to design Blogspot rocks.

4. You look unserious because of the .Blogspot address; it shocks me to say that most people still believe that a blogger blog must have the traditional .Blogspot address, not knowing you can buy a custom domain and make your blog look professional. I.e. using .com, .ng, etc. Like this my blog is hosted on blogger and it has a .xyz domain which is a top level domain extension.

Let’s me now move over to the advantages of Blogspot/blogger platform

Advantages of using Blogger

1. Bandwidth; let me start with what I regard the most important feature and Advantage of using blogger, with blogger you don’t have tow worry about bandwidth or server space, that means that no matter your traffic and number of visitors that visits your blog, your blog speed won’t be affected at all. Unlike WordPress, that if the owner doesn’t buy a powerful host; a powerful traffic can make the blog load very slowly sometimes even crash. Just imagine what is happening to abollyhost right now. Bloggers that hosted their WordPress blogs on abollyhost are facing serious challenges right now. But we on blogger our blogs are always on air.

2. Security; since Blogger is owned by Almighty Google, you don’t have to worry about security as your blog would always be protected from crackers or whatever as long as it’s on the blogger platform. This is yet another feature WordPress users don’t enjoy.

3. Unlimited Number of Blogs; with one email, one can create numerous blogs on blogger, even upto 100 blogs but it’s not the case with WordPress as they are given a maximum number of blogs to create with one account and moreover each blog requires a setting amount of money but on Blogger it’s free.

4. Server Issues, Downtime and Renewal; on WordPress you are on your own that means you get to maintain your blog, renew your server when it’s about to expire, face your server Issues alone without anyone helping you and all other independent stuff. But on blogger, google handles everything for you, you don’t have to stress yourself. All you have to focus on is creating good, lengthy and useful content for r your readers to enjoy and if you want renew and maintain your custom domain which is your brand name.

5. Customization; customizing a blogger blog is quite easy, you just have to code your own theme to whatever level you want and upload and you can always add more widgets through the layout section. Blogger is very easy to customize.

6. Google AdSense; honestly speaking, I believe getting google AdSense approval on a Blogger blog is easier than getting it on a WordPress blog. So your chances of earning big is more intense on Blogger than on WordPress.

I think that’s all the wonderful advantages of blogger blogs that must be utilized by you if you want to start a blog in 2019.

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