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MTN Startimes Cheat 750MB – 2.2GB | With 24Clan Green Edition VPN

Some weeks ago I posted an MTN Free Browsing cheat powered by 24clan Green Edition VPN and alot of people are still enjoying the cheat. But I must say that 24clan green Edition is a blessing to free Browsing fans as the new update V1.2 contains startimes server which means you can now power all applications using the startimes subscription on MTN. A bundle plan that was meant for streaming on the startimes Application.

This MTN Startimes New Browsing cheat isn’t unlimited but it’s based on the cap for the bundle subscribed to i.e. it depends on the startimes subscription you chose.

How Use MTN Startimes Bundle to Power All applications

1. First of all you need to subscribe to MTN Startimes Bundle which comes in two variants the 1hour bundle which gives 750MB for N150 and the 3hours bundle which gives 2.2GB for N400.

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2. It doesn’t require a config file, all you have to do is download 24clan Green Edition VPN latest update, (not the one you already have) the v1.2 from HERE

3. Then you launch the application, click on select server, then you select the MTN Startimes server (this particular server isn’t available on the v1.1)

4. When you select the MTN Startimes server just tap on the gray icon and wait for few minutes for it to change to green showing connected. And you then start browsing every application. 

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Note: this MTN Browsing is best for those that like to download heavy files from the internet like heavy movies. This is the best bundle for people that have heavy internet activities.

But it’s not a free Browsing cheat but due to the amount of MB one gets we can tag it a close to free Browsing cheat. 


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