Prevent Visitors From Copying Your Blog’s Content | By Installing This Code

In the blogosphere, some Bloggers are always thinking of ways to create unique content on a daily basis while some lazy, bloggers are out there looking for ways of copying their articles and the worst part is that some lazy bloggers scrape your content exactly as it is without even giving credit to the first place the content appeared or where they got it from and this is really annoying and very unfair to some bloggers.

In this post I am going to show hardworking bloggers how to disable right click on their blogs or how to disable the Ctrl + C on their blogs which means no visitor can just stroll into your blog and highlight your hardwork and paste it elsewhere whether on another website or his or her social media wall claiming to be his or her own. 
The worst part of this is that some blogs still rank more than the original website that copied the content from, that’s the area google plays it unfairly to some content creators. But not to worry, this particular HTML code will disable copying on your blog and also make it harder for people to copy your blogs content.

How to Disable Copy/Paste on Your Blog/Website

1. First of all you need to click HERE to get the disable Right click code from the link above.

2. When you get the code, simply go to layout if you’re using blogger and click on add>> select HTML/JavaScript and in the content box paste the code you got from the link above and save.

3. That’s all you need to disable right click on your blog. Now when someone tries to highlight your hardwork, it shows Right click has been disabled… Check image below

That’s not all though you’ll need another code to disable text selection on your blog and I’ll also guide you on how to do that in this post.

How to Disable Text Selection on Blog/Website

1. First of all you need the text selection disabler code which can be gotten HERE.

2. After copying the HTML/JavaScript code, go to layout if you are using blogger and add HTML/JavaScript code, in the content box paste the code you got from the link above and save. {Note: don’t paste any code under or above the head or body of your template} 

Do the above and be free from copy/paste visitors or fellow bloggers who visit your blog with the intention to scrape your content word to word. Though this code doesn’t boast of 100% protection, but it makes it 60% difficult for visitors and malicious Bloggers from copying your content. Enjoy! Hard work pays off

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