Poor AdSense Earnings? See How I Increased My AdSense CPC Rate

Most Bloggers think getting google AdSense is the end of the struggle, not aware that the struggle jut began. It is only when they get in that they discover google AdSense isn’t what they’ve always believed it to be i.e. in terms of earnings because if your blog is not up to a certain standard you will end up getting close to nothing CPC (cost per click) I believe a google AdSense user won’t ask me what I mean by CPC because that’s the model google AdSense works with to reward publishers. Now the problem is after getting AdSense approval you are faced with a more difficult task which is low CPC or close to nothing CPC. This particular struggle was what I was facing and sometimes I get lots of click and yet nothing to show for it in terms of revenue. Imagine getting a CPC of 0.02 or 0.01 how many clicks are you expected to get to be able to get even up to $1 per day, it’s terrible, and bloggers facing this issue are really in a messy soup.

In this post, I am going to give my suggestions as to why you are getting poor CPC and how to solve the problem therefore increasing your CPC to useful level.

How to Increase Google AdSense CPC rate

~~ Like I stated earlier this post is just my suggestion, and as such you can still look for more suggestions online but I’m going to tell you what I improved on my blog to enable me get average CPC. First of I am going to show you the reasons why some bloggers get poor CPC;

1. Poor Content; you know google AdSense is content driven, all they care about is how good is your content even from the approval level to the earning level. Content is king, so if you have poor content you’ll most likely be served poor quality ads as well resulting to poor earnings.

2. Niche; some niches pay higher amount of CPC, especially niches that haven’t been saturated so much. So niche is also a determining factor to CPC algorithm.

3. Targeting low paying keywords; this is also a factor, when you Target low CPC keywords you’ll no doubt get poor CPC rate.

4. AdSense account Age; this is a serious factor, when your AdSense account is new, google not hasn’t fully determined what your content is about, you might get very poor CPC and after a while it will improve to a good extent, if you have good articles, well arranged blog, just be patient your CPC will improve overtime as you keep posting quality articles and targeting rich keywords.

Now, let’s move over to how to increase Google AdSense CPC;

When I got AdSense approval newly I was getting a CPC of about 0.04 to 0.07 maximum, I didn’t complain so much it was after some days that my CPC went further down the drain, I started getting a more useless CPC sometimes 0.01 sometimes 0.02 it was like the worst period of my blogging career because all my life I’ve always believed AdSense to be a goldmine. But upon getiing approval I was now kind of seeing something strange and different. Though no account action was embarked upon, I just started doing some brush ups of my website, I did four basic things on my blog ;

~~ Organised my Template

~~ Restored all previously Drafted posts

~~ Increased Keyword Density on my articles

~~ Reduced the number of ads on my blog limiting it to very high priority areas..

These are the four basic things I worked on and believe improved my CPC from the crawling 0.02$ to 0.10 – 0.15 infact it’s increasing by the day. Now if you want to improve your google AdSense CPC you just have to first and foremost organize your blog template followed by increasing keyword density in your articles… This is from my experience what I used to get high CPC. Though if your blog is set up well you can just give it time like 2-3 weeks if your CPC doesn’t improve then you need to work on your articles and you blog content. I wish you the best, good luck!
This was my CPC before;

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