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Personally I don’t fancy read news get paid sites so much but some of them have proven to be genuine and worth been patronized. The likes of NNU Forum 1 and Giftalworld etc. for this reason scammers have seen the business as a flourishing one; so many sites that do same thing NNU does have been launched. But core online workers know most of them are just after your money, once gotten they close the website exactly the way many scammers saw that MMM was flourishing and they ventured into the Ponzi business which resulted to many greedy Nigerians losing their hard earned cash. Now in this article I’m doing a full review of a so called read news get paid scheme called Sowrites” this particular website has been tagged by Gistrealz as Scam after been tested and failing 100% of the test conducted on it. Sowrites is a read news get paid scheme exactly like NNU but the only difference is that Sowrites is bent on scamming users and not paying them in actuality because of several reasons;

Gistrealz recommends that you stay away from Sowrites website because of the following reasons;

1. Sowrites is a shady website with poor arrangement, it’s not even organised well, the admins just rushed into launching the website because they want to make quick money at the expense of their users. 

2. They are very unpopular; popularity is what keeps every program going and Sowrites lacks it so much. Imagine a read news get paid scheme that doesn’t have a single review on the internet. Then who is going to do it, who is going to generate income to pay users then. 

3. The website uses one of the most intrusive ad networks to generate revenue called propellerads, I mean a website that claims to be handling people’s finances should not use such an intrusive ad network. For those that are still lost ; when you click on any part of the website it redirects you to a new malware possible tab, therefore distracting you from your main aim for visiting the website. Though monetising isn’t a wrong idea but using such an ad on a purported reputable site shows the admins are only after making some few cents with visits. Stay away from Sowrites program.

4. Fake Testimonies; you can attest to the fact that when  NNU was paying, the testimonies weren’t hidden, it was in the mouth of every user that NNU was the real deal. But it’s not the case on Sowrites, the testimonies sighted in their spammy website are just framed alert images from the owners to deceive unsuspecting Nigerians.

5. Only the admins publishes news and information on the website because they actually have very few customers because they claim to be rewarding users that publishes on their website..  Then does it mean their users that registered with 1600 Naira don’t want to earn big?? The simple explanation is that they don’t have any customer, all they have is themselves and some gullible, uninformed People that have fallen prey to their scam.

In a nutshell, please verify a website before paying out your hard earned cash because no amount is too small that wasting it won’t be painful to you. Stay away from Sowrites read and get paid program. The website link of Sowrites is you can check it up yourself to be sure of our review. If you stubbornly participate in Sowrites and lose your money don’t complain because this is an eye opener.  Most times the mistake we make is saying that a website must scam somebody before it is tagged scam but that is very wrong, when an expert sights a scam site he would know… That’s why I’m blowing it as an alarm for you to stay away from Sowrites program.

Sowrites Rating Based On Analysis

Review Score; 10% 

Recommendation; Don’t participate!⁉️⁉️

Website Reliability; very poor

Owners Identity; Hidden

Popularity Index; Very Unpopular.

Website Mobile friendliness; Very poor, the admins are just after money.

Source of Income of the website; google AdSense, highly intrusive pop up ads. Which poses a great risk.

Testimonies; None, the few are all forged by the owner(s)

Total Grade from Gistrealz; F Grade, It’s a scam website, don’t go near it.

I hope you enjoyed the review? Watch out for more reviews soon.

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