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Latest Airtel Free Data Cheat; Get 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000

There is a new blazing data offer/cheat from Airtel and it isn’t powered by any config file or VPN. This new cheat is currently rocking on sims eligible for the Airtel special plan (N200 for 1GB etc). This cheat rewards you with 4.6GB upon recharge with N200 on the sim valid for the special plan.

How to Get the N200 for 4.6GB and N1000 for 23GB
It’s not a long process and it doesn’t require any setting, just dial *141*241# to see if you are eligible for the special data bundle and if you are eligible just load a card of N200 on your Airtel line using *126* pin # the normal way after that dial *140# to check your data balance you will see if it’s a N200 recharge 4.6GB data to surf the web. The wonderful thing about this cheat is that it doesn’t even touch your N200 card. I recharged last week and got a Whopping 4.6GB at first I thought it was just a mere data offer but after using it for a while I discovered it was an offer/cheat.

While if you recharge with N1000 you will be given 23GB as bonus data while your N1000 remains untouched. It’s blazing and rocking don’t waste time just do it and enjoy.

Note; this offer is sim selective but I believe it’s for those eligible for the Airtel special data bundle.
Below is a screenshot of my remaining data (I’ve used almost half of the data though)

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