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How to Become Eligible for Airtel 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000

Some days ago I shared a trick on how to get 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000 recharge on the Airtel Network, some people enjoyed it while some people complained that they were unable to get the amazing gigabytes. 

I’m happy to inform you today that I’ve discovered a way to become eligible for the 4.6gb for N200  and 23gb for N1000  for those their sims are older than 3months or even less. 

How to Become eligible for the 4.6GB for N200 and 23GB for N1000 recharge on Airtel

>> It doesn’t take much time and it’s very easy, you just have to calm down and follow the steps I’m going to list down in this article.

>> Dial *321# and migrate to Airtel Smart trybe if you currently not on the tariff plan.

>> After migrating to Airtel Smart trybe, SMS GET in bold letters to 141, and also SMS MIFI to 141.

>> After doing the above, simply dial *126*recharge card pin# to load your N200 card and then dial*140# to check your data balance.

>> Also note that, this is still sim selective but it’s a trick on how to get eligible for the tariff plan instantly without wasting time.

Disadvantages  of Subscribing to this Tariff plan

>> Its sim selective and as such it doesn’t work for all SIM cards.

>> It’s not so fast, i.e. it doesn’t load so fast even on 3g and 4g.

>> The bundle zaps very fast, that is while browsing with the data it gets exhausted so fast unlike normal data bundle.

>> It requires you recharge, and there is no guarantee that it will work for you. 

>> It doesn’t require any code, so you are not assured of any thing… It’s not a cheat it’s an offer from Airtel.

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