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Tweakware Working Settings for MTN Free Browsing | Updated

For a moment it seemed as if free browsing cheats using MTN was coming to an end, because MTN blocked alot of free browsing VPNs starting from http Injector, kpn tunnel, spark VPN to even our  beloved Tweakware VPN cheat the one that lasted most. But we were blessed with a new one powered by 24clan VPN green Edition that is still blazing till today though capped at 50mb.

I’m happy to inform you that MTN Free browsing using Tweakware VPN is back and blazing, this time It’s better than before, it doesn’t disconnect frequently like the old one atleast (on my phone). It is capped at 50mb too but I guess it would be a helper to our 24clan green Edition VPN cheat. This MTN Free browsing cheat using Tweakware VPN doesn’t need a config file as you just have to set it up using the settings I’ll list down here. Once done, you tap connect and start Browsing instantly until it reaches the said 50mb cap for the day.

How to set up Tweakware VPN for MTN Free Browsing

>> First of all let me list down the requirements;

1. An Android phone

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2. The Tweakware VPN which can be downloaded from playstore or Apkpure depending on which one you want. If you have the outdated Tweakware VPN then this cheat won’t work for you as it requires you have the updated Tweakware VPN. So if you have the old one kindly update it if you want to enjoy the free browsing cheat.

3. That’s all you need when it comes to requirements, lest I forget make sure your balance is zero.

Now let’s move over to the settings;

Tap on Settings > Custom Tweak > then set it like this:

Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header:
Don’t tick Reverse Proxy
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Leave other settings as it was.

> Go back to the main page and select Free Server. And in the second box, select Custom

Then finally you tap on connect, wait for some seconds for it to connect and you start Browsing. 

Note; 50mb per day. Thanks

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