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How To Get Free N300 on Palmpay Application | Tested And Proven

Before now, I posted an article on palmpay and how to make money and airtime with the palmpay application. Then the app was still in prelaunch stage and allowed users to spin the wheel and get Withdrawable points including referring friends and family.

The referral bonus then was 100points and since the launch of Palmpay I have not really published another article till now that there is an opportunity to earn more on Palmpay because they have improved the referral bonus; you now get a whopping N300 for each referral that completes a transaction which your referral will also get free 150Naira in points. Don’t forget that 1point=1 Naira. Then I used to think palmpoints meant nothing until the application was launched and I started transacting with my points (it was wonderful). Palmpay has refined their referral bonus and made it more interesting and rewarding to their hardworking users to enjoy.

How to Start Using Palmpay

  1.  First of all logon to and download the palmpay application from HERE
  2.  After downloading, tap on the sign up button, you’ll be shown two columns; one for your phone number and second for your invite code, make sure you enter G954ER as invitation code.
  3. Then proceed to register, when you are done, add money to your account and do a transaction like buying of airtime and receive 150palmpoints which you can use for airtime purchase, while transferring money etc.

Benefits of Downloading Palmpay

1. Palmpay is the next big thing as it’s gonna take over from PayPal in the nearest future

     2. With Palmpay you don’t have to worry about money transfer, airtime purchase etc. Because all that can be done with extra benefit for doing them because palmpay rewards for every transaction done on the platform.

    3. Palmpay is very genuine and transparent, they even have a Facebook group where you can go and lay your complaints if you are facing issues or difficulties.

      4. Palmpay undoubtedly is genuine, no fraudulent activity with ones bank details.

        How to Earn More On Palmpay Application

        1.  First of by referring other users to Palmpay, referring is the highest way a user can earn more points on Palmpay and to do this you just have to share your invitation code to others and per referral you get free 300points.
        2. Even after registration, you get free 150palmpoints for your first transaction, including free palmpoints for every transaction.

          Make sure you use the invite code to register to enable you.get free 150points after registering and doing a transaction. 

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