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How To Get Free 6gb Of Data For 6months on Glo Using the IMEI Tweak

Free browsing cheats on other networks have always been working well, the only network in Nigeria that hasn’t gotten any free browsing cheat update for a long time is Glo Network because of their policy of data connection turn off once your data finishes. 

But for Glo Network there is a different kind of cheat feasible but it has to do with tweaking the IMEI of your phone to that of Smartphone eligible for the free 6gb for 6months on Glo.

Find a Device Eligible for the offer:

The data offer  is only available to brand new Samsung and Nokia devices.

On their packets these devices have the eligiblity stickers.
So, what you have to do is find a way to get the IMEI number of any of the eligible device. You can do this by dialing *#06# on the phone and the IMEI will be shown to you, copy it down and proceed to rooting your device.
you would be needing it in the next step.

Root your phone and Download IMEI changer

Because  the offer is only available to new Samsung and Nokia devices,
The only way your phone can enjoy what these phones are enjoying is by rooting your phone and changing its IMEI.
From the previous step,
the IMEI number you copied from the device would now be pasted in the IMEI changer on your phone.
Change your phone’s IMEI to the pasted IMEI, and then reboot your phone.

When you are done with that, slot in your Glo sim card and get the reward meant for those devices which is free 6gb of data and which will be continuous within 6months if you are able to meet the recharge threshold. The data you’ll be given sadly is only valid for 10days.
That’s all you need to enjoy free 6gb using your Glo sim.

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