All You Need To Know About MTN Talkmore Plan | Benefits and Disadvantages

MTN Nigeria has introduced another wonderful tariff plan that is well suited to heavy phone callers i.e. customers that use their lines majorly for making calls. The new tariff plan introduced by MTN is known as MTN Talkmore and it was introduced to make calling easier for those on the plan.

Benefits of Migrating to MTN Talkmore

>>  It is a basic Tariff plan available to all MTN subscribers and as such anybody can migrate to it either by using the migration code or using the SMS instructions.

>> As I’ve previously stated; MTN Talkmore is suited to people that use their phone lines mainly for calling that’s why the call rate on this tariff plan is just 12kobo per second (N7.20kobo min.)

>> SMS is charged at 4Naira per sms sent to any network including MTN lines.

>> International Direct Dial (IDD) voice tariff standard rates apply.

>> You can migrate out of the package at anytime as long as you have N100 airtime or if you haven’t migrated in the last 30days.

How to Migrate To MTN Talkmore Plan

>> There are two methods one can employ while migrating to MTN Talkmore Plan, one is through SMS which can be done by sending 244 to 131. While using the USSD method simply dial *244# to migrate to MTN Talkmore.

This is all you need to know about the MTN Talkmore plan. It has enormous disadvantages because it doesn’t reward customers with free MB upon recharge and it doesn’t have special data packages like MTN ipulse.
But it will be a good choice if your line is a hot line i.e. you make and receive calls alot with your line, because of the call rates that is very minuit. Enjoy Guys!

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