How to Switch On Bloggers New Update | Wonderful Features Awaits

Blogger owned by Google is a content management system that was launched in 1999 by pyra labs but was purchased by Google in 2003 and ever since Google has been managing the Blogger/Blogspot platform. 

The only bad thing about Blogger is that google hasn’t really focused on improving the service nor ending it because of reasons known to them. It was in 2017 or so that google introduced free SSL certificates to blogs hosted on blogger but running with custom domain, this is the only update that has been considered as huge to Blogger platform.
But recently Google updated the blogger platform by improving two major areas;

1. The Comment Section
2. The stats section 

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    The Stats Section; Google updated the stats section making it more detailed using diagrammatic illustrations; so you can now see the full traffic report of posts individually with pictorial illustrations and the views they’ve gotten for the past 7days. This is the best thing so far.

      Below is an image of the old stats section

      Below is an image of the new stats section

      The difference is clear, Google has remembered the Blogger platform in a big way.

      The Admin Comment Moderation area: this is another major feature that was improved by Google. The button to mark comment as spam has been improved, the UI as a whole was greatly touched by Google. Bloggers using the Blogger/Blogspot platform can now say confidently that google isn’t ending the Blogger platform anytime soon because of the recent updates. Though google hasn’t announced officially that there was an update, but it can bee seen easily by using the url when you login to your account using the url above you’ll see Try the New Blogger Button Below the help button… See image below

        Without clicking or accessing your Blogger dashboard through the above link you’ll be unable to try out the new blogger update. Though from my observation in recent times using chrome to access redirects me to and automatically the new updated and refined Blogger.
        This new Blogger update though not so remarkable is worth it as it has shown and reassured some bloggers that Blogspot/Blogger platform isn’t going anything soon. And also created a huge opportunity for Bloggers to compete with the self proclaimed best CMS WordPress.

        Blogger update didn’t include SEO or more increase in features. But Blogger SEO is good enough as long as you can write well and do necessary things like internal linking, Backlink Gain, Keywords research and submitting website to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

        The only bad thing or what I dislike about the new Blogger update is the removal of search keywords in the new new stats section. 

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