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MTN October Free Browsing Cheat Via Http Injector VPN | Capped at 100mb

Hello Guys MTN Free Browsing cheat is out again and this time it’s powered by Http Injector VPN our favorite VPN for free browsing cheats.

This new MTN free browsing cheat is capped at 100mb per day as long as you play according to the game. Without wasting much of your time I’ll divert to how to set up the MTN Free browsing cheat.

How to Set Up MTN Free Browsing Cheat via http injector VPN

> First of all you need to download http injector VPN from playstore or from HERE

>As always http Injector VPN cheats on MTN are always powered by a config file or settings but for this current free browsing cheat is a config file which you can download straight away from HERE

> After downloading the config file and installing the http Injector downloaded from the link above, simply launch the http injector VPN and tap on the paper icon select import config and then select the directory where the config file was stored (downloads) and tap on it. Once you tap on it the config file gets imported into the http injector VPN.

> Also note that this current MTN Free Browsing cheat using Http Injector VPN can only be connected when you have a minimum of 1mb on your data balance… I.e. you must have a minimum of 1megabyte on your sim before it connects but when it connects you can browse and download for upto 100mb.

> Once connected, start surfing the web with you http injector cheat.

Downside of this new MTN browsing cheat using Http Injector VPN

> You must have 1mb for it to connect; it’s not like our 24clan green VPN that connects on 0.0kobo.

> If you don’t have any data it won’t connect no matter what you do.

> It’s a little bit slow, once connected it doesn’t browse so fast, rather it’s a bit slow… Therefore using it to download may not be so feasible.

> It requires you use the latest http injector VPN, that means if you have the outdated http injector VPN the cheat won’t even connect.

> Don’t try it if you have a data subscription because it will focus on your data subscription first instead of focusing on the 100mb cap.

> It’s not so high in terms of data cap (because it’s just 100mb) and you won’t be able to download alot before it finishes but it’s worth it.

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