Upgrade your Glo Sim to 4G and Get a Whopping 5gb Free Data

Just like Airtel and MTN, Glo has introduced a new data offer that rewards customer meds on the network that upgrade their sim to 4G from 3G with a whopping 5gb data to browse the internet.

What does this mean?

It means if you are a Glo subscriber using the old 3G sim you just have to step into their office and upgrade your sim to a 4G sim and after some hours you receive your whopping 5gb data to browse the internet and also Unlimitedly stream whatever movie you want.

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Does the Offer Apply to all Glo Customers?

Unfortunately it doesn’t or maybe it hasn’t been made compulsory for all customers. It’s only available to some Glo subscribers who are on the 3G network that got the SMS from Glo informing them of the special offer. Sms like the below

If you got the SMS above then you are 100% eligible for the bonus data. 

Can the Free 5gb be used to surf all websites?

It works like everyother data plan, and you’ll use the free 5gb data to cruise your 4G enabled device and feel the power of Glo 4G network.
If you didn’t get the message and perhaps your sim is a 3G sim then just be patient, you’ll surely get the SMS from Glo world. 

Do I have to pay for the Glo 4G upgrade? 

No it’s absolutely free if you do it in an authorized Glo outlet or office. It will be done for free for you and you’ll receive your free 5gb data. Alternatively you can simply watch out for Glo workers to walk into your place of work or institution asking people to upgrade their sims to 4G, that will be a wonderful opportunity for you to do your own

What happens if I Upgrade and don’t receive the free 5gb data?

This can actually happen as I’ve been a victim of it while using Airtel, but what you have to do in this case is to call Glo customer care by dialing 121 and then pressing 0 and selecting complaint that’s all you’ll be connected to Glo customer care.

This is honestly the best offer from Glo this year so far, guess it’s just to help us enjoy Christmas with Unlimitedly surfing and Downloading.

What if I fail to upgrade? 

Nothing will happen, you’ll keep using your Glo 3G sim for as long as you want but once you get a 4G enabled device it’s advisable you upgrade not only for the free mind-blowing data but to enable you enjoy Glo 4G LTE. Thanks.

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