How to Become Eligible For Airtel 1gb for N200, 2gb for N500 and 4gb for N1000 | Tested and Proven

Some weeks ago I posted the Airtel special data plan that gives huge data for small money and alot of people rushed their Airtel sims to see if they were eligible but the sad report I got later on was that 50% of the people that tried it weren’t eligible for the data plan and because of that I embarked on a research that was to discover the eligibility criteria of the data bundle… And I’m happy to say that I’ve arrived at the way to become eligible for Airtel special data plan that gives 1gb for N200, 2gb for N500 and 4gb for 1000Naira.  Now to become eligible for the data bundle you nee to calm down and keep reading this text.

How to Become eligible for Airtel 1gb for N200, 4gb for N1000 

> First of all like the MTN special data plan eligiblity you just have to pick up that your Airtel Sim card and slot it into your phone.

> After that you just have to dial *312# to migrate to Airtel Smart trybe, once you get a success message remove your sim card from your Android phone or mobile phone.

> Once you are through with that, remove your Airtel Sim card from your phone and leave it off your phone for 4weeks maximum and during this 4weeks make sure you don’t mistakenly slot the sim back into your phone or recharge on it. Just leave it for straight and complete 4weeks.

When the 4weeks elapses, slot your sim back into your phone and try to subscribe to any of the data bundle by dialing *141*241# you’ll get an insufficient balance alert meaning that you are eligible for the data bundle. 

Also note that the eligibility is only valid for 3months after which you become ineligible again, but repeating the above steps will make you eligible again. 
The above steps have been tested and confirmed by me. The Airtel special data plan is only meant for those not so active on the Airtel Network, it’s like a rewarding data bundle so making your sim inactive for a month will automatically make you eligible to enjoy the wonderful data bundle packages.
Airtel special data plan is better than that of MTN because it lasts more. So you have nothing to lose using the plan. Personally I recommend Airtel special data plan because of alot of factors;

Airtel Network is very fast in many Areas in the country.

Airtel Network is better than MTN when it comes to data lasting; that means that data bundles last more on Airtel compared to MTN.

It’s very cheap, everyone wants cheap things and Airtel special data plan is the best when it comes to that.

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