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Top 5 Android Application Stores That are Similar to Playstore

Just like other google products, Google Playstore has dominated the Android appstore world and also in a way hindered most other appstores from seeing the light or been popular. This is so because most devices are Android and Google installs all their services in every Android phone and makes available only but Playstore as the only app store in all Android devices. This particular act has given Google Playstore an age over all other Android Application Stores.

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Though Google playstore is seen as the best among them some China” Android devices don’t come with Playstore and therefore users of such device(s) become stranded because they can’t download the wonderful applications Playstore has… I’m going to show you if you are in this shoe, other Alternatives to Google Playstore that you can really fall back to when you need Android Applications;

Top 5 Google Playstore Alternatives


Apkpure is the second best Android app store after google playstore and for some people it is the best because it has almost all the applications google playstore has and it’s 100% virus free which means apps downloaded from Apkpure are safe and sound. If you can recall most Applications i post here for you to download I usually direct you to Apkpure because it’s my favourite appstore and I believe it’s a serious alternative to Google Playstore. You can also download Apkpure Android application from their website and easily downloads and update your Android apps from there.  You can also download applications from their official website by clicking HERE


As long as Android Application store is concerned, Aptoide can’t be excluded because it’s an Android app store very similar to Apkpure, the only thing that made it make the second in my list is that it’s doesn’t have all the applications Apkpure or playstore has. But it’s a wonderful app store very fast and efficient and you can also download their Android application for easy update of you Applications and downloading of games and other wonderful apps.
Click HERE to access Aptoide


Apkmirror is another Android application stores that competes seriously with Google Playstore and if your device doesn’t have google playstore you can comfortably fall back to apkmirror and still get an experience close to what you would have while using playstore. Apkmirror has lots of applications and another wonderful thing is that from reports and experience, they don’t have malware applications so it’s 100% safe downloading from Apkmirror.


Another wonderful Android application store is 9apps. The app store has thousands of Android Applications available for download and it gets updated on a daily basis. Another wonderful feature of this app store is the notification you get when your apps needs to be updated and also it’s wonderful applications, though in terms of App safety I can’t guarantee that because I’ve once downloaded an application from 9apps that portrayed malware signs. Aside from the fear of malware 9apps is a great Android Application store and an alternative to Google Playstore. Click HERE to access 9apps


When it comes to Android applications store you can count on apkmonk because of the availability of numerous applications and the recognition overall as one of the best Android application stores, any one looking for Google playstore alternative shouldn’t look far away because apkmonk has got him or her covered.
Click HERE to access apkmonk

These are the major Android appstores that can serve as an alternative to Google Playstore, just check out the one that matches your taste the most and use, I personally recommend Apkpure and Aptoide to be on the safe side. These two appstores have all it takes to compete with Playstore but currently the Android market doesn’t assist them

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