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[Newest Method] How To Get Unlimited Data Using Dent Application | On Any Network

Here comes another data rewarding Application called Dent” this Application rewards users with dents for activities such as referring other users to the app and also by checking in everyday. 

The dents a user receives can be used to purchase data bundle on any network or the list of networks available for that period. The Dent Application once rewarded users with alot of dent before rearranging the application and increasing the amount of dent one needs to be able to purchase any data bundle. But the wonderful news is that Dent app is back and blazing again and as such more earning channels have been introduced in the application.

In this post I’m going to show you how to earn Unlimited Data on dent Application on a daily basis.

How to Get Unlimited Data using the Dent Application

> First of all you need to have the application in your phone and to do this you need to download it from HERE(make sure you download from here to enable you receive free 900 Dents)

> Once you have the application in your phone the next thing you have to do is to register using your phone number [Make sure you’ve not used the number before for dent registration]

> When it comes to the call verification just make sure the number you use for dent registration is in your phone at the moment or point of registration because the owners of the application are trying to curb the creation of multiple accounts so the Dent Application was programmed in a way that it must call you automatically for some seconds and in the process verify if the phone number is really in your phone.

> After registration, you’ll be rewarded with 500 Dents for registering and also you’ll be given 900 Dents for registering using a referral link, so make sure you click on the link above to download the app to avoid losing the 900 Dents.

When you are done, you’ll now have 1400 dents which can go along way in helping you buy free MB, you will now be shown an option to earn free 500Dents for just checking in as in image below

As you can see in the image above I’ve gotten the free dents for today which is 500 Dents, the second day I’ll get a whopping 1000 Dents which will help fasten my withdrawal… This is the first method of earning.

There is another method that will enable a user earn more using the Dent Application and it’s by referring more users to the app and per referral you get free 900 Dents of which the person you referred would also get the 900 Dents…

To get your referral link you need to login to your account and tap on the Invite now button 

You will be shown your referral link, all you have to do to earn more dents is to share it on various social media and per referral you get 900 Dents.. 

Don’t forget that daily check in gives you more dents. Enjoy!

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