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9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Using Http Injector (Updated)

Here comes a new 9mobile free data cheat that is powered by http injector VPN(our favourite vpn for cheats). Setting up this 9mobile cheat is quite easy and not complicated but there are some basic requirements you must have to enjoy this cheat or even qualify to use this cheat which are;

Requirements for 9mobile Data Cheat

~~ An Android phone

~~ A 9mobile sim with a subscription of either the 50Naira Social plan or 150Naira social plan or 350Naira monthly social plan as this cheat basically grants you the access to surf the whole internet with a bundle that was only meant for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter so it’s undoubtedly reasonable.

~~ Http Injector VPN; to enjoy this s cheat you must have the http Injector VPN installed on your device because it is the main app that powers the whole cheat.

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~~ A 9mobile sim; this is a basic and must have requirement because for you to enjoy the cheat you need to have a 9mobile sim that is active and of course subscribed to the 9mobile social bundle and you can subscribe by dialing *200*3*3*2#

That’s all for requirements, now if you have all those listed above … You need to install your http injector VPN if you don’t have it, but if you have it just download the updated config file for the cheat- HERE(Updated Today)

The monthly social plan cheat is capped at 3GB for some sims while it’s unlimited for some… If yours is unlimited kindly indicate in the comment box.

Always check back to this page occasionally to keep downloading the latest config file as it would be updated here once gotten.

~~ If you are new to http injector then you just have to open the application i.e. http injector, tap on the three dots by the top right side of the application and select import config after that select the directory where the file you downloaded from the above link was stored, when sighted tap on it and the config would be imported.

~~ Make sure that before doing all these you’ve subscribed to one of the social bundle packages as they come in three variants {the daily, the weekly and the monthly} just select the one you want and can afford.
Then you tap on start on the http injector VPN and wait a few seconds for it to connect then you start rocking the whole of the internet with your social bundle.

@@@If you don’t have a 9mobile sim then you are missing out and going to miss more because more goodies are coming the way of 9mobile users; I’m just giving you a prior notice though 😂😂.

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