How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer | 2.2gb for N500, 10.5gb for N2000

Airtel has really blessed us this season with wonderful offers and promotions and funny enough too we’ve also enjoyed some tweaks on Airtel. 

Combined with their close to excellent network coverage across the country using the data accumulated through various means both legal and illegal(cheats) hasn’t been a problem for us. Today however I will be sharing a new offer from Airtel that probably you haven’t heard of, the new Airtel offer is called Airtel Triple Data offer and it triples the amount of data purchased meaning that if you purchase 1gb you end up getting 1gb × 3 = 3gb data to surf the internet. 

How to Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer

Buy a new Airtel sim card Or use an Airtel sim less than 3 months old.

 => Send GET to 141. Make sure you receive a response like this: 

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% Data Bonus Anytime Everyday For The NEXT 3 MONTHS ” 

Also send MIFI to 141 afterwards => Load either 500 naira normally and dial *141*500# (valid for 14 days) 750mb x3 = 2.2GB + other smaller bonuses which will be given to you as a new customer.

If you want the 1k sub recharge 1000 naira normally and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days) 1.5GB x3  = 4.5GB + other smaller bonuses as a new customer you are, though it’s still dependent on your tariff plan so in actuality you’ll only get what you are entitled to on the tariff plan you are on.

You can also recharge 2000 naira normally and dial *141*2000# (valid for 30 days) = 3.5GB x3= 10.5GB + other smaller bonuses, meaning you get 3× what you should have gotten.

>> Follow the above steps to enjoy the Airtel Triple Data offer 💯 without issues. Also make sure the sim is a new sim or a sim that hasn’t exceeded 3months i.e. less than 3months to qualify for the Airtel Triple Data offer. 

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