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Itel A55 Smartphone Features and Specifications

Itel A55 is a new device produced by Itel to satisfy low budget smartphone lovers as the device comes with some good features for a cheap price. Though the itel A55 doesn’t boast of new features that hasn’t been trending since but it’s still worth being considered as having the itel A55 means you don’t miss out on some good features other smartphone users enjoy. Below is the run down of the features of Itel A55 device;

Features and Specs of Itel A55 

> The Itel A55 comes with Android 9.0 out of the box.

> It has double rear camera of which one is 8mp while the other is 0.8mp

> It has a 1gb RAM to carry this operating sim; though it’s small but it’s manageable considering the fact that all Itel devices have 1gb RAM

> It has a manageable 3,000Mah battery which can atleast take you a full-day or two on standby.

> 1.3ghz Quad core processor.

Full list of Itel A55 Smartphone Features

Operating System: Android 9.0 [pie, Go Edition]

Battery Capacity; 3,000 mAh Battery

Connectivity: 3G, 2G available

Processor:  1.3 GHz Quad core processor

Camera: 8.0mp rear camera and 8mp selfie camera.

Screen Resolution: 6 inches screen

The Itel A55 Smartphone is the best device for low budget smartphone users as it comes with wonderful or good enough features that other high budget device has.

The next question is how much can I Buy Itel A55? Itel A55 Smartphone costs only but N22,500 in Nigeria as of 2019. 

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