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MTN Latest Browsing Cheat Using GAN VPN | Very Fast and Enjoyable

MTN 0.0kobo browsing cheat is out again and this time with a new VPN. This new MTN browsing cheat is powered by GAN VPN; a VPN owned and developed by Gantech team. The good thing is that this VPN is very fast and it doesn’t show endless ads like 24clan green Edition VPN. Though I’m not here to compare between GAN VPN and 24clan VPN let me just list down some of the wonderful features of GAN VPN below;

Features of GAN VPN
> User Friendly
> Less ads more services; this VPN has less ads unlike 24clan green Edition VPN.
> Connects very quickly; you don’t need to wait too long for it to connect and you start surfing the web with your empty acct balance on MTN.
> A good VPN for Free Browsing cheats
> An Android phone 
> An MTN sim with 0.0kobo or empty balance [ Data and airtime] 
> The GAN VPN which you can download if you keep reading this post. 
> A strong or fair 3g/4g network.
How to Browse For Free on MTN using GAN VPN
> Simply download the GAN VPN from HERE

> It’s similar to 24clan in the sense that it requires no setting or config file, just install the app you download from the above link and switch on your MTN data connection, select MTN Free MB and tap to connect, once connected you can start surfing the web for free. 
The wonderful thing about this new free browsing VPN is that unlike 24clan Green Edition it doesn’t constantly disconnect or get slow, once connected it keeps rocking till you exhaust the Free 50mb allotted to your sim for the day. 

Another good thing about it or another reason why it should be used instead of 24can Green Edition VPN is that it’s a very light app that connects instantly without wasting even upto 1minute. 24clan Green Edition VPN has been overcrowded so the server takes longer to connect … But GAN VPN is very fast, so make sure you enjoy it now!
Enjoy this new MTN cheat, if it works for you please drop a comment on this post to support the ministry… Your comment means alot to me and the existence of this blog. Thanks.
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