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How To Solve Frequent Disconnection Issue On MTN Stark VPN Reloaded Cheat

Hello Guys! I’m back again with my usual browsing tips and posts. This time I’m providing you with a solution to the constant disconnections you experience on the new Stark VPN Reloaded version posted on this website some days ago. After posting the article i personally experienced an uncomfortable and frequent disconnections from the VPN and embarked on a brief experimentation to work out a fix/solution to the frequent disconnections experienced while using the Stark VPN Reloaded and I’m happy to inform you that the experiments conducted yielded good results which means;

1. You will from now enjoy stable internet connection using the Stark VPN Reloaded.

2. You won’t have to reconnect every 5seconds of browsing of which you’ll be shown very annoying ads.

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3. With this new fix you’ll be able to enjoy MTN 50mb daily free browsing using Stark VPN Reloaded without facing unnecessary disturbances in the name of frequent “reconnecting and connecting notifications”

How to Solve the Frequent Disconnection problem on Stark VPN Reloaded 

1. First of all switch on your data connection as usual and launch the Stark VPN Reloaded.

2. Once the application opens, tap on the drop down menu and instead of selecting MTN 50mb daily, select Custom” and then tap on connect.

Wait for minutes for the VPN to connect once connected start surfing the web with the 50mb daily browsing cheat without frequent disconnections. 

This is a practical guide as I have tried it on my device and it worked 💯.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share to your friends using the Stark VPN Reloaded. 

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