How To Activate MTN Unlimited Call Cheat | Tested and Proven

Yesternight I shared a post on how to activate the Unlimited airtime cheat on MTN but today I am going to show you how to activate and rock the unlimited call cheat on MTN. The difference between the first one is that it gives you unlimited airtime depending on your recharge, but this new one doesn’t require any recharge but just some technical steps that muct be followed strictly as skipping anyone would mean; nothing for you*.. be guided while reading this;

Features of this MTN Unlimited Call Cheat;

1. Works on MTN 0.0kobo airtime balance

2. Works on all tariff plans, you don’t have to change your package, nor migrate to MTN beta talk tariff plan.

3. Unlimited calling 24/7 until MTN decides to block it.

4. Airtime can’t be checked nor transferred.

5. It works only on new sims with the stated prefixes..[keep reading]

6. It’s technical, and only technical readers would be able to grab the steps correctly and start enjoying Unlimited calls on MTN this new year.

How to Activate MTN Unlimited Call Cheat for 2020;

Firstly buy a new MTN sim with any of this prefix: 081640***, 081641***, 081642***, 081643***, 090611***, 070630***, 080641***.

Above are the numbers it will work on. Make sure you get one of the numbers above with the exact number prefix.

Get the sim and register it as you would do to a normal sim. 

You can recharge 100 Naira and make a normal call for a minute just to fully activate the new MTN sim.

Then you navigate to settings on your device and to network… You will see Automatically select network” just change it to manually” and wait for it to bring up the search results.

👉 When the search results load you will see other networks, just go straight to select other networks instead of MTN, you’ll receive an error message though…just ignore the error message and move straight to your dial pad

👉 Before you dial the number, just put this 999 before the number you want to call. Unlike the Glo call cheat you don’t have to remove the 0 in front of the number. Just put it this way 9990808120223” and call.

You might get an error message, just end the call and go back to your phone settings and to that search results and select another network shown in the list.

Then go back and repeat 999 before the number until it starts connecting.

Immediately the call starts connecting, you’re on. Just make call all through till you’re tired of making calls with your phone.


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