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How to Earn More Than N30,000 From Your WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp is one of the biggest social networks in the world due to the millions of people that interact with their friends and family with the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is owned and controlled by Facebook and the wonderful thing about WhatsApp is that the platform has provided an avenue for users to create mini online businesses that can fetch huge sum of money with the development of WhatsApp Business” an application owned by WhatsApp too but designed for people that do business or intend to create a business platform online with their contacts.

In a nutshell you can make as much as 30,000 Naira every month from your WhatsApp business account or simply your WhatsApp account because you can use your personal account for the business.
This is a trending online business that most youths of Nigeria and beyond are rocking or using to make ends meet.

They achieve this by creating WhatsApp Channels or TVs.

Advantages of Creating A WhatsApp Tv or Channel

> It’s free of charge i.e. in terms of cost for maintaining it as the platform is given to you by WhatsApp and you are not required to pay any monthly or yearly fee for using the WhatsApp business to run your TV or Channel.

> You get to meet new people, you can easily advertise what you do or the business you do if you have a large fanbase or people following your WhatsApp TV or Channel.

> You earn with what others do as pleasure.

After all this long story you are wondering how to earn with your WhatsApp channel or TV, wonder no more as it is 100% possible and profitable. There are three ways of earning via your WhatsApp TV;

1. By running paid advertisement on your TV; this is for people with huge fanbase.

They simply collect money from the advertiser and display the adverts to your viewers and before you do that you must have collected a specified amount from the advertiser.

2. Advertising your own products; it’s.not restricted to advertisers as you can earn by displaying your own adverts. So if you have products too you can advertise it and earn some cents for purchases.

3. It connects you to many people and you never know who is going to be your destiny helper.

How to Set up A WhatsApp Tv or Channel

> First of you need to download WhatsApp Business application from Google Playstore or Apkpure. Reason been that WhatsApp business gives you and opportunity to create shortlinks which are very useful in fans acquisition.

> WhatsApp Business has auto responders and saves you the stress of constantly replying all messages from your fans as you can easily set up Away message, Greeting message, and Also short codes which go a long way in aiding your WhatsApp business.

> When you are done with WhatsApp business installation, login to your WhatsApp account by using your normal WhatsApp phone number[mind you that you can’t use WhatsApp messenger amd WhatsApp business simultaneously, and you can always chat and do everything you used to do with your WhatsApp messenger]  navigate to settings and then business settings select short links and set up a short link. Just use the the text you want people to send to you when they click on your short link.

That’s how it will look to the person that taps on your short link. The short link wherever it is clicked  automatically directs the potential subscriber to your WhatsApp contact and according to the text you set it will request you to add him or her to your contact… It’s very easy as the whole step is automated.

Now once you are done with this, select a niche i.e. the area you want to cover.. you know some TVs are for fun, like sending memes, short comedy videos, funny texts, funny images etc. So before creating a WhatsApp TV you need to know the niche you are best in or love doing; make sure it’s gonna be interesting to subscribers.

Getting subscribers

To get more subscribers you need to either use the legit way i.e. promoting your short link and what you offer on various social media or use the illegal way of spamming big WhatsApp groups with your short links and whoever clicks on it automatically comes to your dm requesting you add he or she to your contacts and also you in turn ask the person to save your number as Oz TV or whatever name you choose.

You can also get more subscribers by running interesting giveaways on your TV… This has been proven to be the best method to growing your WhatsApp TV subscribers.

That’s it for WhatsApp TV and Channels and easy way of earning from your WhatsApp TV… I’m sure I’ve been able to convey to you the information you sought for in this article… If you follow these guidelines strictly you could be fetching comfortable N30,000 + on your WhatsApp channel or TV. Enjoy!

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